Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shell 09's Promo - FERRARI series 3 - Part 3

2009 Shell Ferrari - part 3

Finally, after months of pumping Shell petrol, i've finally completed the 2009 Ferrari series 3 cars (minus the yellow GTB). I've in my previous posting on this 2009 Shell's Ferrari mentioned a total of 8 Ferrari cars are release, having 6 on regular petrol and 1 on Shell's Helix Engine oil (Yellow GTB), plus a re-release of last year Yellow Enzo.

Brochure from the Petrol Station with Fun Fact on each of the release model
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Front view of all the Ferrari in its Packaging
*note that all the packaging is distinctly show each of the Ferrari models*
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Back view of all the Ferrari in its Packaging
*note that all the packaging is distinctly show each of the Ferrari models*
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shell 09's Promo - FERRARI series 3 - Part 2

2009 Shell Ferrari - part 2

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After the initial release of the 6 Ferrari model earlier on, Shell release 2 more model at the same time in conjunction with the F1 event in the Malaysia Circuit. It was later reveal that the 2 model would be the F2008 F1 red Ferrari and the Yellow Enzo Ferrari.

F2008 F1 car

In 2007, Shell release the F2005 Ferrari F1 model with the pull back motor, now at 2009, Shell once again release another F1 Ferrari model which is the F2008. This particular model does not have what the rest of the Ferrari model this year which is the steering control. Instead its only feature the typical pull back motor action.


This particular Yellow Enzo Ferrari is 2008 release, it made a come back this year and is made available again wihout the purchase of the HELIX enginee oil. With just a normal rm40 of petrol pump, will entitle the purchase of this model. Collector that have restrain from buying the HELIX enginee oil last year can now get this Enzo Ferrari with normal purchase of petrol. Am glad it made a comeback as now i can complete my 2008 collection set.

Friday, April 3, 2009


HOT WHEELS 3-D Lenticulate Card

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Currently country wide promotion on Hotwheels whereby when a customer purchases 3 pieces of Hotwheel basic cars, they are entitle to get 1 pc of the 3-D cards for FREE!. There are 10 difference design to choose from. All 10 design is from the 2009 Team series called the "SPECIAL FEATURE" series.

# 1 / 10 = DODGE RAM 1500
# 2 / 10 = SPECTOR
# 3 / 10 = JET THREAD 4.0
# 5 / 10 = CLOAK & DAGGER

These cards are thick, they measure approximately 8cm x 12cm in size. Come in a blind paper envelope which we cannot tell which got what card design on it. The card surface is rough with line so that when you hold the card and tilt it from side to side, you will get the 3D effect.

# 6 / 10 = GROUND FX
# 7 / 10 = NIGHT BURNER
# 8 / 10 = URBAN AGENT
# 9 / 10 = FERRARI 512M
# 10 / 10 = XS-IVE

The card feature the "HOTWHEELS" logo and its "BEAT THAT!" tagline. The casting and name in the middle. At the bottom will have a description denoted by number of "*" (star) about the casting "Speed", "Power", "Performance" and its "Special Feature". Lastly the numbering of the casing in the series of 10.

Overall a good collectable card for collectors. Hope in the future will have more.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

2007 Reward Cars


Every year, Hot Wheels Collectors.com rewards its member with a very special limited editions release called the REWARDS CARS. They are rewards thru a series of point that the member collected over the course of each year by purchasing limited edition releases during that year. Member then can used those accumulated point to get those Limited Edition Reward cars.

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In 2007, the rewards cars offer are those shown above. Four (4) cars with the blisters card featuring a artwork that form a vintage classic gas stations. Those cars are from that era as well.. i think.

From left to right featuring..

1. 35' Ford Coupe
2. Classic Ford
3. Mustang mach 1
4. Custom Corvette

An awesome series that is and also very hard to come by in the set of 4 complete. Hope Mattel would release more of these combine card (2009 US version Connect Cars Series).