Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween's FRIGHT CARS series - FRIGHT BIKE

( Click to enlarge pics )

Halloween is almost here and what the best way to celebrate it HOT WHEELS style? Well with the HOT WHEELS Fright Cars series off course. The Fright cars series in 2007 comprises of 8 casting. One of them is the Fright Bike casting, which is more of a Drag Bike.

The Fright Bike feature :-
= Plastic transparent blue body on metal base
= Orange line plastic wheels
= Evil looking Pumpkin head with flame tempo
= Black plastic dragster can be folded to be a drag bike else can be use as a stand as show in pics.

This casting would be one of my favourite casting in my collections. Hope to get them all.


Haul of the week ( Oct 2009)

Talk bout at the right place and at the right time.. well not exactly right time as there were others before me but definitely right place. Anyhow, just grab a few new models here n there and behold pics above.

Am very shock to see another new wave appear and this mark the 4th difference wave i encounter within 1 month in various area. Quantity aren't much for each wave except for the 34' Ford t-hunt wave but the assortment is there for collectors to choose from.



Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X - FTE

2008 releases the very 1st Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X in the market and Mattel Hotwheels also release the Evo X in its 1st edition with 3 color paint scheme. (Red, Blue and Silver).

2009 comes with the Evo X in its FTE (faster then ever) series. The red version was the mass market release while the white version is the USA K-Mart exclusive releases.

As can be seen from the photo above, the differences in local (international) and US carded for both markets. The US carded feature a more in-detail information about the cars feature. See photo below.

Finally the close up pics on both version of the FTE series..

Regular mass market Red version spots :
Tinted window
FTE OH5 wheels
Black plastic base
Red body with "Dewart", "Clone" and other sponsor name tempo.

USA K-Mart limited market White version spots :
Tinted window
FTE OH5 wheels
Black plastic base
White body with "Dewart", "Clone" and other sponsor name tempo.

Haul of the week (week 3 Oct 2009)

Well well well.. seem Mattel is at it again. Random distribution of new cases with new cars. Not so long ago (2 weeks) a new wave came (53's chevy thunt), then the 34' Ford thunt wave and now this newer releases with some 2010 cars in it.. Let the picture do the talking.. cheers.

These 4 cars below are the new 2010 series and they all looks awesome..

Thursday, October 1, 2009

KFC X-MEAL'S PROMO - VolksWagen 1/60

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is now having a promotion on its X-MEAL. With every puchase of a X-Meal, are entitled to purchase 1 of 6 special Limited Edition Volkswagen in 1/60 scale at MYR $ 5.90 each. Or the volkswagen can be purchase at MYR 9.90 each with any other purchase.

The 6 models are :

Classic Black Hardtop
Classic White Hardtop
Classic Pink Convertible
New Red Convertible
New Black Covertible
New Yellow Hardtop

Those are limited edition and while stock last. Feature Rubber Wheels and pull back actions.