Friday, March 23, 2012

2012 - Mattel Warehouse Sale

This year Mattel warehouse offers... for Hot Wheels collectors..

The Entrance to Madness!!! seem very quiet..

Even the Table area is Quiet. but look what they have on them....

Can you believed all for RM5!! EACH!! OMG!! then again, no surprise as previously Tesco are selling them at 4.99 / 5 a piece as well for the Garage Series. As for the 2011 Nostalgia Master of the Universe, they are a steal! bought a complete set for my collections.

Some haul i bought for myself and friends.. The HW Garage, some are new and some are old wave, whichever the case, they are a good buy for collections of just rubber wheels for customs work. Then the Pixar's Cars Action Agents going for rm15 per pack, it is a steal if u are a Cars Fans, 4 design to choose from. Lastly, Toy Story 1/64 die-cast. Manage to get a whole set of 9 desgin. They are awesome, if only the retail price ain't that pricey, and the wait was worth it. 5 a pop.. awesome haul for me and friends this time around.. cheers.


Friday, March 9, 2012

2012 HW Posters Booklet - Part 1

Ok folks, the guys at Mattel has made / produced a limited number of 2012 Hot wheels Booklet Catalog for collectors. This booklet will helps collector to track their collections hence the "Wants" and "Haves" check box on each of the 2012 releases. Will break up this catalog into few posting so u can either print them out or save into your hard drive if you didn't manage to get hold of these booklet thingy.. cheers. and happy collecting.

 The Cover

The Index Page

2012 NEW MODELS : #1 - 12

 2012 NEW MODELS : # 13 - 24

  2012 NEW MODELS : # 25 -36

   2012 NEW MODELS : # 37 - 50

2012 TREASURE HUNTS : # 1 - 12 ( #51 - 62)

2012 TREASURE HUNTS : # 13 - 15 ( #63 - 65)

That it for now, be back for Part 2 post coming soon. 

2012 Nostalgia - Hanna Barbera

The 1st case assortment for the 2012 Nostalgia series is the Hanna Barbera series. For 2012, only 6 casting will be made available for each series. The casting are as follows :-

`34 Ford Sedan Delivery
 `56 Ford
 `64 GMC Panel
 Custom `77 Dodge Van
 Hiway Hauler
 Surfin´ School Bus

Order some cases at online store and reaches me with dented box! OMG!

Upon opening the box, luckily it is fills with peanuts all over, 
the cases are safe from harm. :)

 The cases contains 16pcs of Hanna Barbera, as only a set consists of 6 casting, 
there are enough to fill in 2 complete sets and with 4 extra.

That is how the arrangement of card in the case, only 2 casting that will be 2 pcs 
where as the other 4 casting will have 3 pcs each.

 Look at how the card art compliment the casting, very stunning and colorful, great to have a set for carded collections and a set for loose.