Sunday, May 30, 2010

2010 - Race World : Volcano Team

In 2010 mainline basic cars series, there is a sub-series which is called the RACE WORLD series. There are 12 teams in the Race World series and i've done a review on one of the team called EARTH. Now completed another team called VOLCANO.

The VOLCANO theme team has fiery flames tempo /deco on it which represent the heat of volcano. Even the background on the carded shows volcanic lava flowing. Nothing special for this team except for the flame theme deco, not that its haven't been done before.

The Volcano team comprises 4 casting with fiery flame deco are ..

(Blue body with flame deco, red window and 5sp red wheels)

(Purple body with flame deco, orange window and oh5 redline wheels)

(Black sparkling body with flame deco, red window and pr5 redline wheels)

( Red body with yellow flame deco, clear window and oh5 wheels)


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tomica Hero Rescue Force

Tomica Hero Rescue Force is the name of a Japan Sentai like TV show that showcase a Special Task Force that do Disaster Rescuing like Volcano eruption, earthquake, fire and many more. Rescue force have an arsenal of special rescue vehicle (something like ThunderBird concept) to help with the rescuing.

And what would a TV show be without merchandise toys to compliment them with. Tomica releases all the vehicle use in the TV show in 1/64 scale die-cast. Each of the vehicle comes with a card that can be used in bigger machine for special functions. These little 1/64 scale can also be deploy in the larger type of vehicle sold separately.

There are about 30 difference type if model to choose from raging from Core Striker to Rescue savers. As with all tomica product, model have special function on them like openable doors, hood and many more.

Retail price was between 19.90-29.90 each, now price drop to 70% off, so as usual buy up some of them for collection as well as to compliment the larger rescue machine.


Friday, May 28, 2010


I was introduced to TOMICA with Coca-Cola (Coke) Truck last year. Am not a Coke fans then but find it to be highly collectible due to the brand name. Each of the coke truck has somewhat a feature or function to them especially those event truck model.

Currently have these 5 model being release in mass market. I've heard of a box-set limited edition Coca-Cola theme truck but have not seen it. The following below is what's in my collections. As you can see, the number to it is the same but the truck are difference in color variation and model.

No.37 - COCA-COLA Event Car (Red Head Truck /Cylinder back)
No.37 - COCA-COLA Event Car (White Head Truck / Cylinder back)
No.37 - COCA-COLA Event Car (Red Head Truck /Square back)
No.105 - COCA-COLA Route Car (Red)
No.105 - COCA-COLA Route Car (White)


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Haul of the week - Tomica (week 4- Mei 2010)

Well this week Tomica hauling comprises some Disney Motor (in another post) and also some Japanese cars. 1st time seeing the Toyota Crown Patrol Car (No.110), as well as the Subaru Impreza WRX STI (No.11). Others seen before and didn't get previously until now since TRU has a sales on them at MYR $6.90 each.

The Impreza looks familiar at 1st glance but then upon closer look it is a WRX STI version, previously it is a Impreza WRX (No.54). Both also are in blue color, so its easy to overlook this if don't have close up look.

The Suzuki swift also was previously release as a Sport Rally Cup car (no.16), this is for a friend whom have a Swift and in yellow as well.

No. 11 - Subaru Impreza WRX STI ( new release )
No. 50 - Nissan GT-R Racing Car
No. 51 - Toyota Crown Comfort Taxi
No. 61 - Suzuki Swift Sport
No. 110 - Toyota Crown Patrol Car


Tomica / Takara Tomy - Disney motor

I don't usually buy TOMICA / Takara Tomy diecast because they are too plain with not much deco and also the price for them is a bit pricey as compare to others like HotWheels, Matchbox or Maisto. I think the good side is that they have very good detail and openable door, hood and others funtions on them.

Well today i stumble upon a great deal of Tomica Disney Motor. The DM (Disney Motor) from Tomica are casting with disney character on them and they look awesome. Usually the DM price is MYR$ 23.90 each, early this year departmental store have it for sale with 50% off and now they are going for 70%!

Can't resist them since now they price almost the same as Hot Wheels so i grab some of them, pics below..

Manage to grab some popular Disney's Character such as Mickey, Donald, Pooh, Tigger, Jack from nightmare b4 christmas, The Incredible and also Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. It is such as good buy. Hopefully there be more model to choose from elsewhere.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

PEEKABOOO - May 2010

Well here are some very nice cars which i was told to be very special, how special is it, i leave it up to you all to comments. As long as i 'm concern, they are a beauty and i love sport and supercars. Cheers and have fun..

(Left to right)

(Left to right)


(Left to right)

Haul of the week (week 4- Mei 2010)

After some long while, manage to get some wants from departmental store, the hunts was just put up on peg by the stocker, super lucky. Now i don't have to pay astronomical price for it at black market. LOL.

And of course, what a week be without some loose cars for display and play with.. cheers..

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Real Riders - 2 pack CAMARO Set

If you are into Camaro Muscle car then this special limited edition set of Camaro from Hot Wheels' is a must have in your collections. This 2-pack Real Riders set was release in 2007 and showcase 2 camaro which is the 67' Camaro and the 2006 Camaro Concept.

The 2 pack Camaro' comes in window cardboard box in blue with all the Brand's name, series and car models name on it. Large window packaging that allow the Camaro to be seen in almost all angle and entirely.

The 67 Camaro have the usual open hood feature and with red line Real Rider wheels whereas the 06 Camaro Concept spot the usual Real Rider wheels. Both Camaro are in red body with white stripe and are in die-cast metal base.

Awesome set for Camaro collectors, not to be missed.

Ford F-150 : Marcus's Truck

It's was funny how this came about, a collector friend of mine contacted me on this piece in EBAY whereby he was searching for some cars. Once i saw it, "Buy it now" it is. For a mere $0.99 excluding shipping, this is a must get, i mean how often do u see a casting with your name on it. Awesomely cool deco Hot Wheels, Thanks.

BTW, i'm in the construction line of work and this is fits perfectly for me.

Friday, May 7, 2010


The Ford GTX-1 premier in the Hot Wheels mainline series in 2007 with 3 color variations (Dk Yellow / Pearl White / Blue). Then in 2008, it was in the Ford Racing team series and in 2009, it was feature in the Mystery Cars Series. Comes 2010, the Ford GTX-1 was once again being release and this time it was chosen to be in the Treasure Hunts series. See pics below.

This is the $uper Thunt version which has..

Chrome interior,
SpectraFlame Dk Blue body with light blue deco,
Black Plastic base
Real Riders Wheels
Clear window
TH logo on side

Kinda plain and similar looking to deco design from its 1st edition releases. But overall a good hunt that i think lots of people will start to buy or gave it a passss.. cheers.