Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tomica Hero Rescue Force

Tomica Hero Rescue Force is the name of a Japan Sentai like TV show that showcase a Special Task Force that do Disaster Rescuing like Volcano eruption, earthquake, fire and many more. Rescue force have an arsenal of special rescue vehicle (something like ThunderBird concept) to help with the rescuing.

And what would a TV show be without merchandise toys to compliment them with. Tomica releases all the vehicle use in the TV show in 1/64 scale die-cast. Each of the vehicle comes with a card that can be used in bigger machine for special functions. These little 1/64 scale can also be deploy in the larger type of vehicle sold separately.

There are about 30 difference type if model to choose from raging from Core Striker to Rescue savers. As with all tomica product, model have special function on them like openable doors, hood and many more.

Retail price was between 19.90-29.90 each, now price drop to 70% off, so as usual buy up some of them for collection as well as to compliment the larger rescue machine.



Pablo said...

Amazing, congratulations this cars are very nice. Greetings.

Marcollections said...

Thank you, they are to compliment the DX Vehicle which will be feature in MC2 blog soon. Check them out there.