Thursday, August 19, 2010


New Delivery Slick Rides haul, Custom 77 Dodge Van featuring CONOCO and also the long awaited Convoy Custom featuring PENNZOIL. The Convoy is starting to get cheaper on the secondary market as compare to 6 months ago, guess the hype has gone down. Glad to be able to get hold of it for my set. The newly release Dodge Van was looking great too and the rims compliment the casting and the Conoco brand.

Convoy Custom is one of the sort after casting in the Slick Rides series because of its a new huge casting with real riders wheels. The brand and color also compliment the casting very well, and with the 2nd color variation just release, guess the Convoy will just get hotter.

Custom Dodge Van feature blue interior, blue tinted window, blue body with CONOCO brand. Comes with metal base and awesome looking real riders wheels. This was release only in Case N and later in Case R.

Both are awesome casting and in the next Slick Rides posting will feature some of the last releases for the series which include the 69' VW squareback, Ford C.O.E, GMC Panel and 66' Dodge A100. Can't wait for them to arrive and be sure to check out my blog for more Hot-Wheels updates.


Friday, August 13, 2010


BATTLE FORCE 5, a new animated TV show by Mattle Hot wheels has been showing in the States since early this year and now the toys from the show has finally landed in our shore and am not too trilled about it either.

For starter, the price for each is a "KILLER". For a mere RM 34.90 a piece, i do not think it will sell AT ALL not to mentioned the lack of promotion for it. Probably another fail by product like SPEED RACERS line of cars. After one week on shelved, they had not been sold even 1 piece.

The 1st wave as i like to called it comes in 4 casting namely the Heroes cars like SABER, REVERB and BUSTERTANK, and 1 Villian cars the SCARIB.

There are in bigger then 1/50 scale and are all plastic material, nothing Die-cast about this series. But what it lack is somehow made up with all the gadget for each of the vehicle. In Speed Racers, the weapons or gadget is add-on to the vehicle but for Battle Force, it IS in the vehicle itself.

With just a push of a button, weapons and gadget POPS right out giving it a "battle mode" from the "normal mode" form. Its interesting but nothing i haven't seen before, remember "MASK".

Hopefully Mattel will reduce the price to made it more acceptable to the local market collectors. Will see how the future holds for this series and to me, it does not looks too bright at all. Cheers.

Hot Wheels XPOSURE!

A funny thing about certain collector or buyer or scalper or whatever anyone wanna called it, have this interesting "KIASU" habit when it comes to buying Hot-wheels.

When someone have some hotwheels for sale being loose or carded, you can be sure there be madness happening even before the said item for sale reaches the table. The bag / box will be taken right out from the owners and onto hungry hands for the picking.

After the madness (5 min), the leftover cars in the bag /box, and upon careful inspection there are GEMS to be found like, variation, error and so on. Lesson to be learn, take your time (but not too long) when buying, you never know what you find in the bag/box of cars..


Haul of the week (August 2010) triple time

Yup, they finally arrived just after 2 week that i made payment for them. Probably my new casting to collect, probably not, time will tell. Some for friends, some mine, some to collectors, one thing for sure is that these cars are going to be HOT!

My last piece for my Lotus Espirit collections, the 1st edition Black Lotus Espirit, have the rest except the Clover cars version. Some Toyota Celica to open n display, got 8 so far in my collections and some misc casting. Cheers

1:1 Gallardo

How often do u get a chance to see a Lamborghini Gallardo park somewhere that you least expected it to be. As in this case, at PJ HILTON Hotel last weekend when i was walking pass there. My 1st to see a Gallardo up close and personal and it looks awesomely gorgeous.

So seeing that there are people taking photo of this supercar, i might as well shoot some too. Sorry for the blurry pics, using phone cam and not all turn out well.

Hope you fellas enjoys seeing the pics. Cheers.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


4th Lamborghini release in the Hot wheels' Speed Machine series. Got this on peg when others nice cars are gone, was getting skeptical thinking while holding it. In the end buy it and didn't think much after that. This wave is the newest release and with other notable casting like, white EVO Lancer and Mclaren F1 GTR.

Body - Pearl White
Tampo - Black hood with red stripe and '56' also at side
Window - Clear
Interior - Red
Base - Black Plastic
Wheels - Black Co-mold with red line

The many faces of Gallardo, fans of Lamborghini should not miss this one. As for me, 1 in carded and 1 loose to roll.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Haul of the week (August 2010) again!

Some accumulate loose cars that i pick up since last month. Range from basic to mystery cars and others. More pics below.

2010 Fourth of July - FORD GTX
Lex Luthor - 1/4 Mile coupe
2010 Mystery car - Aston Martin Vantage
Speed Machine - McLaren F1 GTR

Basic Mainline - Surfin School bus
2010 Basic Mainline - Shelby cobra
Monster Jam - Elimonator
Mystery car - Technetium

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Haul of the week (August 2010)

New wave, finally saw some of it if not all, this wave of cars belongs to the Ford GTX thunt wave as i was told. As usual no t-hunt to be found by me but glad i got hold of other nice cars as shown below.. enjoy.

VW SP2, Custom Camaro SS, Aston Martin DBS, Gallardo LP

Swamp Buggy, Shelby Cobra , 64' Pontiac, Humvee

Skyline GT-R (R34), Scoopa Di Fuego, Reventon, Lancer Evo

Lastly these old new haul above is xtra bonus found at TRU xcept the RouteMaster which is at 7-11 store. A great week to start the month of August and can't wait for more. Cheers