Friday, August 13, 2010


BATTLE FORCE 5, a new animated TV show by Mattle Hot wheels has been showing in the States since early this year and now the toys from the show has finally landed in our shore and am not too trilled about it either.

For starter, the price for each is a "KILLER". For a mere RM 34.90 a piece, i do not think it will sell AT ALL not to mentioned the lack of promotion for it. Probably another fail by product like SPEED RACERS line of cars. After one week on shelved, they had not been sold even 1 piece.

The 1st wave as i like to called it comes in 4 casting namely the Heroes cars like SABER, REVERB and BUSTERTANK, and 1 Villian cars the SCARIB.

There are in bigger then 1/50 scale and are all plastic material, nothing Die-cast about this series. But what it lack is somehow made up with all the gadget for each of the vehicle. In Speed Racers, the weapons or gadget is add-on to the vehicle but for Battle Force, it IS in the vehicle itself.

With just a push of a button, weapons and gadget POPS right out giving it a "battle mode" from the "normal mode" form. Its interesting but nothing i haven't seen before, remember "MASK".

Hopefully Mattel will reduce the price to made it more acceptable to the local market collectors. Will see how the future holds for this series and to me, it does not looks too bright at all. Cheers.


Rafys78 said...

They should have fill the rack with the new wave of HW instead.

Or, MASK reissue.

Bolba Fed said...

...for that price, I suppose kids are better off with Action Figures, but that's just me.

saruman said...

seen them and they look like crap!

Marcollections said...

Rafys78 : Yup, bring in more adult collectible Hotwheels series..

Bolba Fed : U never know what kids wants nowadays.

Saruman : LOL!! Plasticky to me.