Friday, August 13, 2010

1:1 Gallardo

How often do u get a chance to see a Lamborghini Gallardo park somewhere that you least expected it to be. As in this case, at PJ HILTON Hotel last weekend when i was walking pass there. My 1st to see a Gallardo up close and personal and it looks awesomely gorgeous.

So seeing that there are people taking photo of this supercar, i might as well shoot some too. Sorry for the blurry pics, using phone cam and not all turn out well.

Hope you fellas enjoys seeing the pics. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

this is the LP560-4, not 'normal' gallardo... maybe next time u can go to Pavilion carpark, there got lots of exotics and luxury rides... can take pics :-)

Marcollections said...

Thanks for the info. I wont go all the way down to Pavilion, too far for me. Cheers.