Thursday, August 19, 2010


New Delivery Slick Rides haul, Custom 77 Dodge Van featuring CONOCO and also the long awaited Convoy Custom featuring PENNZOIL. The Convoy is starting to get cheaper on the secondary market as compare to 6 months ago, guess the hype has gone down. Glad to be able to get hold of it for my set. The newly release Dodge Van was looking great too and the rims compliment the casting and the Conoco brand.

Convoy Custom is one of the sort after casting in the Slick Rides series because of its a new huge casting with real riders wheels. The brand and color also compliment the casting very well, and with the 2nd color variation just release, guess the Convoy will just get hotter.

Custom Dodge Van feature blue interior, blue tinted window, blue body with CONOCO brand. Comes with metal base and awesome looking real riders wheels. This was release only in Case N and later in Case R.

Both are awesome casting and in the next Slick Rides posting will feature some of the last releases for the series which include the 69' VW squareback, Ford C.O.E, GMC Panel and 66' Dodge A100. Can't wait for them to arrive and be sure to check out my blog for more Hot-Wheels updates.



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Marcollections said...

So true bro, like this series very much, it just get better and better with each casting release.

Ernesto said...

Great collection you have there, i also collect diecast models since 1971. That penzoil truck looks awsome. I would like to invite you to check a site i specially design for collectors just like you. And i'd would be great if you could post your collection there too, and compare with other's. If you have the time and visit the page my personal collection it's under the name "st.james". Please check it out, and vote. Nice collection