Saturday, December 4, 2010

Object of my rant! - Haul

Object of my ranting the last couple of week last month. A purchase made in late October overseas saw it arrival on 2nd December!!! via Express Mail! What really happen then?, read on.

As usual, i wait it out after making payment to the seller for the item to arrived. After a week, i track my package and saw that it is delay and held at customs for clearance. So i say to myself, ok its at customs and should be out soon in a day or two. But nope, still at customs and am beginning to wonder what is going on. A few days later my seller contacted me via email that my package was held and that they (customs) needed some additional document from me and that am to contact the express mail service provider for more info.

I called up the Express mail services to ask about my package and was told that customs need a declaration letter from our so-called Minister of Domestic Trade  co-operative and Consumerism (MDTCC) or (KPDNKK) Kementerian Perdagangan dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Keperggunaan. Because of a silly stupid ruling by our Government, that all toys need to undergo chemical testing and approved by the MDTCC / KPDNKK before being allowed in the country for sale. Mind you that what i purchase is for my own use and is consider collectibles. 

Next i called up MDTCC and tell them what happen and ask the procedure to obtain the letter of release. Was told to go to the website and download a form, fill it up and sent it back to them and they will prepare a letter of release for me to forward to the Express maill service provided to be sent to customs for release of my item. Not only that ,the customs also imposed a 10% Duty TAX! on the item, argghhhhhh!!! .

Very close call as the Express mail service provider can't hold on to my item any longer (been 1 month un-claim), i had to talk to the higher up to drag for 1 more day and then sent them the release letter from MDTCC which i constantly call them up to prepared. Finally got my package on 2nd December afternoon and pay my duty tax and everything happily ever after... for now!

Reason for delay in detail :-
1. Express service provider posted the form / info to a wrong address which resulted in me not knowing what happen until my seller email me. (2 week delay).

2. Made a call to MDTCC after calling and getting my shipping detail from my Express mail provider to ask the what need to be done next. Person in charge was ON-LEAVE (Hari raya Haji) (1 week delay)

3. Finally got hold of someone at MDTCC and got the info that i needed. Took few days to fill in all the form etc and return back to MDTCC  with haste and call them up to confirm receipt. (2-3day)

4. After 2-3 days and till no news, i call MDTCC again to ask about my letter, person there says its done but don't know where is it and need to redo, they ask me to sent again those form n document! Kanasai! (3 days delay)

5. Mail service provided called up and says package been hold up far too long and will be ship back to sender, i ask to hold on for 1 more day as the letter is being prepared and ready by next day. Next day letter from MDTCC done, sign and in hands.

Package finally in hands and was glad all are untempered with but i had to made sure and opened them all up. Yes, all is fine and accounted for, hope there a lesson to be learn here and that in the future, we all know what to expect and how to go about it. CHeers.

2010 Hot wheels Deliver Slick Rides series (R1776) 
and  2010 Hot wheels Larry Garage series(R1777)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Speed Machine

New wave for the SPEED MACHINE series has reach our local shore, store like Toys 'R Us got them stock up with some of the new deco and color repaint.casting. The following below is what available now but no guarantee that they be there long. So hurry and get them now, as for me, only the selected few that caught my attentions so without delay, the pics below. Cheers.

FERRARI 599 XX (3rd Deco)

09 NISSAN GT-R SPEC V (2nd color)

01 ACURA NSX (2nd Deco)

FORD GT LM (2nd Deco)

MCLAREN F1 GTR (2nd Deco)

Am liking this batch of releases and hoping future releases would be as good. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monster Jam Duo - Part 3

The remaining 3 casting for this year 2010 Monster's Jam Duo series.

Captain's Curse - Featuring Jaded --- Re-issue

Udder Madness - Featuring Dairy Delivery --- New

Bone Shaker / Bone Shaker --- New 

That all for now. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Animated Batmobile

Seem like every year now since 2006, there a Batmobile being release in the basic mainline series. And in 2011 is no exception, a Batmobile is being release in the mainline series. That is the Animated Batmobile that made its 1st appearance in 2007 Mystery Cars series with red stripe and red window.

From left to right (middle row pics)

- Dark blue metallic stripe - 2 pack
- Green Stripe - 2 pack
- Blue Stripe - Mystery car
- Red Stripe - Track Star
- White Stripe - 2 pack

Am still missing the Yellow Stripe version which is also from the 2 pack..gotta have to hunt that down.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monster Jam Duo - Part 2

Another post with 4 more casting from the new 2010 Monster Jam Duo series. They seems to be getting better and better with new releases. Hopefully they will become available in local market.





Its a Sweet Rides

Its A sweet sweet rides this is, got some of them loose off from online store. Really like all of them and am wondering if i should get the rest (10 more casting) to complete the series. I particularly like the Sweet theme used in this series.

Some individual pics put together, saves me times to upload one by one. From top to bottom, left to right, they are ... 55' chevy panel (Reese), Highway Hauler (Whoppers), Anglia Panel (Crybaby), Fat Fendered 40 (Blow pop) and Dairy Delivery (Toosie Roll/POPS).

Some rear views of some of them with tempos. Mind you the Chevy Panel DO NOT COMES with the bike, it is not missing it just that Hot Wheels figures its a delivery truck so no bike is needed.

There you have it.... will post more if i mange to get hold of them when i have funds for them.

Haul of the Week (Oct 2010)

A small parcel came over the weekend and i was about to leave home for work. Quickly open it and anticipated what is inside already. Took my camera and snap snap snap.. enjoy the pics. Would take close up pics when i got the time. CHEERS.

Looks like a small box from here and from difference angle and the amount of items stuff inside, you know it not really a small box.

Open up sideways and see tons of peanuts insides.. moved them away n see tons of carded cards insides... now in a hurry to arranged them n take a pics ...

After all these, am off to work i go.... (click to see enlarged pics)

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Newest release from the Color Shifter series featuring Tumbler (Batmobile) from Batman The Dark Knight. Really didn't expect the series to release this but nevertheless its great seeing it in the series. It easy to spot this as the bottom left corner of the card have a BATMAN picture on it, so if you search on the bottom side, you know what to look for if searching for this piece.

The dilemma i have is that Hot Wheels didn't use the word "TUMBLER" but "Batmobile" to describe this casting whereas other series has been using "Tumbler". Also the design / color changes use is exactly shown in the movie. Camouflage version to Black version.

This is the Camouflage version

This is the Batmobile version

No extra to open up and see the actual color changing for now, until then enjoy..

Friday, October 8, 2010


New Lancer Evolution X to my collections, this time its the 2010 HOT WHEELS NightBurnerz series and they looks very good. The 2010 Evolution X feature tons of racing theme tempo and the most noticeable is the "CLONE" tempo.

1st release on carded is the Blue body with clear window,
gray interior and plastic chrome base.

2nd color variation is release in a 10 PACK packaging and is a Rust body
with clear window, gray interior and plastic chrome base.

2nd release on carded is the Green body with clear window,
gray interior and plastic gold chrome base.


Monster Jam Duo - Part 1

I've feature a Monster Jam Duo news some time back that Hot Wheel will be releasing some 15 casting with 3 re-issue and 12 new casting to the Monster Jam series this year 2010. Each of the Monster Jam series in DUO will also come with a Mainline cars that feature the same theme and tempo as that of the Monster JAM.

Well here are 4 of them from the Monster Jam Duo that has arrived. Enjoy the pics.




BACKDRAFT - FEATURING RESCUE RANGER be continue .... stay tune....



This is the Military Rods from 2000 with real rider wheels and clam shell packaging. Not to be mistaken with the Military rods with plastic wheels and blister card that was release recently together with Fire rods and Cop rods.

The many faces of MILITARY RODS Surfin School Bus.

U.S. ARMY INSIGNIA and United States Army name are the feature tempo on this series and the bus. Awesome looking with military color fill up the casting, also with real rider "USA GO ARMY" on wheels.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Haul of the week (Sept 2010)

Some new arrival this week, have been waiting for this shipment for 2 months already, somehow it have manage to arrive safely. Monster Jam Duo pack which is not available locally at this time. Its a great set to collect, 1/64 basic car have been made with tempo from the monster jam series. Some notable casting included Dairy Delivery, Batmobile, Purple Passion, Boneshakers, Anglia Panels and lots more.

Also newly purchase this week is the 1/50 scale Hot Wheels Batman series 3 which include the following pic shown below. Simply loving them all. The 66' Batmobile can attached the 66' Batboat at its rear. Also newly release is the Penguin Batmobile with orange umbrella in it. Overall a great set to have, previously posted the Batwing some time back. Now i got the boat, bike and mobile to go along it. Cheers.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Haul of the week (Sept 2010)

Haul of the week during lunch time at MV, didn't really expecting to find anything just casual browsing around as usual when i saw something unusual. First that caught me was the SPEED MACHINE Lamborghini Countach that i hear so much of. Then only saw some new basic car wave, don't know what wave is this actually as got some interesting casting.

Some of the new wave basic set i got are from the BEACH RACE WORLD series and the 2010 Camaro SS from the Hot Auction series which spot a Completely difference tempo from the 1st release which is red with white stripe.

Finally the 3rd Lamborghini casting to appear in Speed Machine is Countach after Reventon and Gallardo. Since both Reventon and Gallardo has came out with 2nd color variation, am thinking maybe Countach will be out with 2nd color too, only time will tell since its end of the year soon.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Haul of the week (Sept 2010)

2 package arrived today and this is what i got below. Been waiting for it to came for so long.

Yup, you saw it, new Monster Jam DUO, K-Mart mail-in promo, Ultra Hots and a MOONEYE DD. Best haul ever, now i need to get some sleep.. cheers.

Monday, September 20, 2010

RLC - Surfin School Bus

Once upon a time HWC.COM offer up a RLC car for sale at its website and its a SURFIN SCHOOL BUS with graphic design by MIQ (mike) Willmott and this is the result... speechless.

The bus spotted in all gloss black with light blue / white fusion graphic on roof and side. Metal base and red windows with chrome interior engine, also feature plastic red line wheels

Brazil Conventions ole ole ole...

2010 Brazil convention has came and gone, it was held on the 18th & 19th of July. 3 casting were selected as Limited edisions Convention cars and it is the VW DRAG BUS, VW FASTBACK and DECO DELIVERY.

Since all the convention cars are limited editions, each card is specially number with a sticker at the back of the card, (i've blurred out the number).




Awesomely nice la this set, all design done for all 3 casting by Roman Cortez.