Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Speed Machine

New wave for the SPEED MACHINE series has reach our local shore, store like Toys 'R Us got them stock up with some of the new deco and color repaint.casting. The following below is what available now but no guarantee that they be there long. So hurry and get them now, as for me, only the selected few that caught my attentions so without delay, the pics below. Cheers.

FERRARI 599 XX (3rd Deco)

09 NISSAN GT-R SPEC V (2nd color)

01 ACURA NSX (2nd Deco)

FORD GT LM (2nd Deco)

MCLAREN F1 GTR (2nd Deco)

Am liking this batch of releases and hoping future releases would be as good. 

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