Monday, March 25, 2013

Pop Culture W3 : King's Feature Syndicate

When you were young, do you remember the good old day (even now), reading newspaper comics strips whenever you got the chance. I do and in Pop Culture Wave 3, really brings back those old memories. 
This wave is too good and too risky to wait for local arrival. Had to get it when they are available online, don't know if and when they will be available in local market.

 Case code is X8308-956C (Wave 3). 
Contains 16 pcs per case, 
(2 complete set of 6 and 4 single extra)

Cars arrangement and assortments, 4 single extra consists of the 
56' Chevy Nomad, 52' Chevy, Hauling Gas and VW T1 Bus.
The carded design should be a mini posters of its own, very well done and am liking all of them. I get to know Popeye, Felix and Flash Gordon from TV Cartoon shows before i knew they were appearing in the newspapar comics strip. While there, i got introduce to other character like Hagar, Beetle Bailey,The Phantom and many more.

Again am saying this, the back packaging for all the Pop Culture series will feature all the other casting within the wave. There will be no numbering system to identify the casting whatsoever. What you see is what is available for that wave itself and with all Pop Culture wave, once its release, there will be no more in productions. Get it while its available else regret later with higher price and non availability.

Flash Gorgon : Volkswagen (VW) T1 Bus

The Phantom : 65' Volkswagen (VW) Fastback

POPEYE : 52' Chevy

Felix the Cat : Haulin' Gas

Hagar the Horrible : 56' Chevy Nomad Delivery

Beetle Bailey : GMC Motorhome

Next up next month.. Wave 4 :DC COMICS

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Flash Gordan's T1 BUS

My 1st ever Volkswagen T1 Bus!, yes, this is my 1st after the casting was first release in the Garage series if am not mistaken 2 years ago.

Pop Culture Wave 3 featuring "King's Feature Syndicate" Characters the like of Phantom, Flash Gordan, Popeye, Hagar the horrible and many others popular classic.

The T1 VW Bus showcasing Flash Gordon and Dale Arden (his female companion) character on both sides of the bus. The Color Red and Yellow fills the casting all round with red wording "Flash Gordon" on the roof and sides. Really heavy as die-cast on body and chassis and comes with red line real riders Wheel.

The many faces of the T1 VW BUS featuring Flash Gordon

And like its siblings, the T1 bus is also a drag bus with openable.. hmm Body? Red plastic Roll cage and huge die-cast exhaust pipe and engine. Really a force to be reacon with, so dun play play.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pop Culture MasterList

The Master List for 2013 Hot Wheels Pop Culture series is as shown below. There are already 10 difference Properties confirmed to appear and a few others which is still pending. Each properties will have 6 casting to a set and expect to find some "New Tool!" in the series as well. Some sneak has been posted out earlier, do check for older posting under "Pop Culture" labeling.

To date, 4 wave/properties has been released and DC Comics being the latest. Hoping to get in more sneak for upcoming properties. 

Live Nation will feature KISS, The Who and AC/DC with 2 casting for each group. 
Universal Horror will feature Classic Horror like Dracula, Frenkenstein and others.
Archie Comics and Hanna Barbera, am looking forward to both properties.
Mars vs Hershey, now this is interesting.

Just waiting for more info and photo  on the series, for now, have to plan my budget for each wave, they are coming real fast..
Click to enlarged listing.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hot Wheels DC COMICS 3

Well folks, there you have it, the 4th wave case assortment from Hot Wheels Pop Culture series has just been release in the states last week. There's a master list available that ill be posting up in my next posting. For now let get some look into this DC Comics 3 (DC3) wave.

I've a mixed feeling on the card packaging for this DC3. For one, am so so glad that Mattel retain the original card back layout and backdrop from the nostalgia DC1 & DC2 series and bring it over to Pop Culture. Now there are in sync when display together like they are in the same series overall.

On the other hand, a felt that a difference card card layout and backdrop is needed as this is after all a difference series but with the same concept as Nostalgia. Furthermore, the character used in this DC3 is kinda repetition as they have already appear (difference art) in Nostalgia series. How i wish there were other notable character to use like Green Lantern, Mister Freeze, Poison IVY, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Bane, Huntress, Power Girl, and list goes on and on.

Casting selection for DC3 is not too great but also not too bad, just right in the middle thanks to the 55' Chevy Panel and Austin mini Van. Now the questions remains, is there a Bike in the Chevy Panel? Will reveal once i have this set in hand.



Friday, March 15, 2013

2013 Bat Segment - Batcopter

2013 Mainline BATMAN segment cars featuring some of the Batmobile casting that was release previously with 1 new casting this year which is the BATMAN LIVE that was release earlier this year. Now we see the 2nd model in the segment series being release in the latest case assortment after the STAR TREK USS Enterprise.

’89 BATMOBILE   TV Series 
Batman: Arkham Asylum BATMOBILE
BATCOPTER (release)
BATMAN Live Batmobile (release)

BATCOPTER, was never release in the mainline before since it was release in either the Batman 2 pack and 5pack release. This is the 1st time the Batcopter being release in Mainline card. This is awesome!!

Found in fresh case, the Batcopter wave also come with the Orange Cool Kombi and VW Scirocco. So sad the the Thunt superised and regular was not found, Why collector left this behind?, very puzzling to me. Anyway, this is good news for all collector that new wave come again this week.