Monday, March 25, 2013

Pop Culture W3 : King's Feature Syndicate

When you were young, do you remember the good old day (even now), reading newspaper comics strips whenever you got the chance. I do and in Pop Culture Wave 3, really brings back those old memories. 
This wave is too good and too risky to wait for local arrival. Had to get it when they are available online, don't know if and when they will be available in local market.

 Case code is X8308-956C (Wave 3). 
Contains 16 pcs per case, 
(2 complete set of 6 and 4 single extra)

Cars arrangement and assortments, 4 single extra consists of the 
56' Chevy Nomad, 52' Chevy, Hauling Gas and VW T1 Bus.
The carded design should be a mini posters of its own, very well done and am liking all of them. I get to know Popeye, Felix and Flash Gordon from TV Cartoon shows before i knew they were appearing in the newspapar comics strip. While there, i got introduce to other character like Hagar, Beetle Bailey,The Phantom and many more.

Again am saying this, the back packaging for all the Pop Culture series will feature all the other casting within the wave. There will be no numbering system to identify the casting whatsoever. What you see is what is available for that wave itself and with all Pop Culture wave, once its release, there will be no more in productions. Get it while its available else regret later with higher price and non availability.

Flash Gorgon : Volkswagen (VW) T1 Bus

The Phantom : 65' Volkswagen (VW) Fastback

POPEYE : 52' Chevy

Felix the Cat : Haulin' Gas

Hagar the Horrible : 56' Chevy Nomad Delivery

Beetle Bailey : GMC Motorhome

Next up next month.. Wave 4 :DC COMICS

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