Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pop Culture MasterList

The Master List for 2013 Hot Wheels Pop Culture series is as shown below. There are already 10 difference Properties confirmed to appear and a few others which is still pending. Each properties will have 6 casting to a set and expect to find some "New Tool!" in the series as well. Some sneak has been posted out earlier, do check for older posting under "Pop Culture" labeling.

To date, 4 wave/properties has been released and DC Comics being the latest. Hoping to get in more sneak for upcoming properties. 

Live Nation will feature KISS, The Who and AC/DC with 2 casting for each group. 
Universal Horror will feature Classic Horror like Dracula, Frenkenstein and others.
Archie Comics and Hanna Barbera, am looking forward to both properties.
Mars vs Hershey, now this is interesting.

Just waiting for more info and photo  on the series, for now, have to plan my budget for each wave, they are coming real fast..
Click to enlarged listing.

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