Saturday, December 29, 2012

Year End Mattel Sales!

There is this time of year where i think most of everybody (in Hotwheels) is most excited about, The MATTEL Warehouse Sale!. Can't believed that Mattel Held another at year end after the last Sales in early of the year. Anyway, heart pounding and pulse beating, the race is On for the most exciting sales of the year... 

This time the event is held not in Mattel Office Block but at a secluded Mall called the SS2 Mall in PJ. Guess the reason behind is Cheap Rental, Spacious, and Cheap and Abundant Parking space. Also since its a Mall, there are food stall and restaurants. More detail below:-

The Banner near the entrance and also all main entrances to the event, showing locations, time and dates of the events and what's available.

Entrance of the event, Cashier counter at front and all the merchandised behind.. lots of ppl too.

Click on pic above to see enlarge Panorama view. Lots of people, lots of toys and not forgetting.. Lots of DUSTS too!!  Yes! , lots of dust, that because its an unrental space hence no floor finishes, hence cement/sand dusts as a result of so people walking, running and box pulling etc etc. Made you wonder why all the staff are wearing face mask, very very Hazardous to health indeed.

After making my way to the hotwheels sections, saw lots of familiar faces of friends and collectors alike there. Grab an empty box and start filling it up with all the goodies available. Once the dusts scenario become unbearable, quickly made my way to the cashier and left the place for a fresh breath of air.. ahhhhhh.. 

Below are what i manage to grab, but still a lot i missed out. Was told lots of stuff sold out within the 1st hour arrghhh, anyway glad to be able to grab these... :)

Disney Pixar's CARS Deluxe series, always wanted the Pope, PopeMobile and Queen car, finally got it at a steal without paying high price.

HotWheels DC Universe Character cars, already got the Superman, Green Lantern and Joker earlier on, so these 5 made a nice additions to the sets..

HOT ONES! those are never seen before at retail, at least not to me so am very excited  to see them there, did spend an amount of time looking and choosing them all but didn't manage to grab some other nice casting.

Last but not least, did some scavenging (looking around other people unwanted stash) and found the followings.. lucky me. Batman 1/50 scale WAVE 2 which is just release in the retail market and RACING series Road Racers which is only available in the Race Event organized by Mattel recently. Awesome finds for me.

Overall its was a good sales, could be very much better if the place not so dusty. Glad to have made it there. So guys don't miss it again next year. Cheers.


Sunday, December 16, 2012


(update 1 ** added 2 more pics**)

Hi there folks, 2013 is just round the corner and 2012 is gonna be history soon. What will your collection list gonna be for 2013? There are so many new models car coming out for Hot Wheels Basic and New series being announced for 2013 recently.

One of the series that i'll be anticipating for 2013 will be the "Pop Culture" series, taking over the "Nostalgia" series that has been running in 2011 & 2012. Like Nostalgia, Pop culture will feature a similar release with each releases focusing on a well know licensing properties. 

Coming in early 2013, Pop Culture will release the WB's Looney Tunes properties featuring characters like Bugs Bunny, Slyvester Cat, Tweety Birds, Tasmania Devils among others. Looking forward to its release, below are some of the Carded soon to be release Pop Culture's Looney Tunes. Cheers.

Original pics taken from a seller in Ebay, edited by me.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New HW Basic Wave Again! OUCH!

For some reasons, last month and this month, the local retail scene is flooded with new Hot Wheels basic wave after wave without stopping and its now reach the "F" Wave from what i've heard so far. Lo and behold, some new releases found (after getting info from collectors - Thanks) included a 5-pack, some basic cars and a $$ (that just eluded my fingers- lol) .. Have a look at what showing up now.. cheers :) 

Few new 2013 models and some 2012 recolor have surface with the recent wave. Glad to have score the 2013 Combat Medic with the SWAT tempos, gonna goes well with the old SWAT tempos. 

consisting of :
 Zotic / Super Tsunami / Billy Goat / Mega Duty / Fandango

Also other notable new releases that also came in with the above cars shown below. Cheers and happy hunting all, everywhere (almost everywhere) is getting restock with old and new wave.

Poison is too great and may need to go hunting again soon, too much nice releases and am sure lots of collectors, non collectors also will be on the hunts. "Siapa Cepat, Dia dapat" provided no insider assistants are used.