Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New HW Basic Wave Again! OUCH!

For some reasons, last month and this month, the local retail scene is flooded with new Hot Wheels basic wave after wave without stopping and its now reach the "F" Wave from what i've heard so far. Lo and behold, some new releases found (after getting info from collectors - Thanks) included a 5-pack, some basic cars and a $$ (that just eluded my fingers- lol) .. Have a look at what showing up now.. cheers :) 

Few new 2013 models and some 2012 recolor have surface with the recent wave. Glad to have score the 2013 Combat Medic with the SWAT tempos, gonna goes well with the old SWAT tempos. 

consisting of :
 Zotic / Super Tsunami / Billy Goat / Mega Duty / Fandango

Also other notable new releases that also came in with the above cars shown below. Cheers and happy hunting all, everywhere (almost everywhere) is getting restock with old and new wave.

Poison is too great and may need to go hunting again soon, too much nice releases and am sure lots of collectors, non collectors also will be on the hunts. "Siapa Cepat, Dia dapat" provided no insider assistants are used.