Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Just when you thought that Mattel Hotwheels has done away with the Mystery cars segment series, here come a big blow to us collectors. Seem that there is a NEW Mystery series appearing in K-Mart in the States. Its called the Mystery Models which is in blind plastic baggie packaging. Each of these packet consists of a basic hotwheels models and a piece of catalog / poster showing all the models in the series and there are 24 of them all in total.

This is what / how the mystery models series being sold looks like. A big box with holes at both the bottom and top. Its looks like a FIFO (first-in, first-out) system. Packet is taken out from the bottom and replace back at the top. This will cycle the package randomly in the box if ones return the package taken from bottom. No more peeps holes or open carded, now all need to do is feel the packaging to know whats models are in them, unless they are wrap-up. Good luck.

 All 24 Cars line-up are listed below:

1. Custom Camaro
2. 24 Hours
3. 71 Dodge Challenger
4. 65 Ford Ranchero
5. 71 Dodge Charger R/T
6. 83 Camaro Z28
7. '67 Shleby GT 500
8. Dodge Drag Neon
9. Chevy Camaro Concept
10. '69 Ford Mustang
11. Pass'n Gasser
12. Pikes Peak Tacoma
13. '70 Chevy Monte Carlo
14. Toyota RSC
15. Firestorm
16. Nerve Hammer
17. Prototype H24
18. Fast Fish
19. Surf Crate
20. Amazoom
21. Urban Agent
22. HW40
23. Shell Shock
24. Yur So Fast

some of the models shoot from the series taken by foma17 of

Let's the Mystery Models / Cars craze begin again... all funs and good luck to all.. cheers.


photo credits goes to FOMA17 of HWC.COM :) Thanks.

Friday, October 7, 2011

DC COMICS - Nostalgia series

Comics fan boys and girls look out, cause Hot Wheels have something in store for you coming real soon. These WON'T be available at your local comics store unless you tell them bout it.

So next up coming in the Nostalgia series after the MOTU (Master Of The Universe) and GM (General Mills) series is the DC comics properties. Schedule to release sometime this month in the states and hopefully locally as well.

Promotional Poster / Ads

8 Casting for this series will included the following below :-

 ’50s Chevy® Truck (Aquaman)
’56 Chevy® Nomad™
(The Joker)
’64 GMC® Panel (Superman)
’70 Chevelle™ SS™ Wagon (Flash)
Bread Box (Harley Quinn)
Deco Delivery (Wonder Women)
Double Demon Delivery (Batman)
Hiway Hauler
( Bizarro )

Also a 4-pack Wal-Mark exclusive which contain the following.. :-
'34 Ford Sedan Delivery (Robin)
 Custom '77 Dodge Van (Penquin)
'59 Cadillac® Funny Car (Catwomen)
'50s Chevy® Truck (Batman)

Be sure to look out for this series when they release, its gonna be Hot!! 


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

General Mills - Carded

2nd part of the Nostalgia General Mills posting. Photo above is the assortment rate for 2 cases. Both Boo Berry and Cocoa Puffs is 1 (one) to a case.

'51 GMC COE - Honey Nut Cheerios

Hiway Hauler - Lucky Charms

Custom '77 Dodge Van - Franken Berry

'49 FORD COE - Cinnamon Toast Cruch

'57 Buick - Coco Puffs

'70's Van - Wheaties

Deco Delivery - Trix

'29 Ford Pickup - Boo Berry

Custom '70 Chevelle Wagon - Count Chocula

The card back with all the casting from the series are shown, its good so as collector will know what is release and what to look out for in this series. Its an overall awesome series to collect, great graphic and great choice of casting too. Was hoping the Dairy Delivery will be in it but it was being release as an SDCC's Exlcusive instead so no complains here.

More pics of this series in future posting, keep it coming.


General Mills - HW Nostalgia

Mid September 2011, the release of Hot Wheels Nostalgia series 2nd wave which feature Characters from GENERAL MILLS. Maker of cereal products such as Cocoa Puff, Lucky Charms, Trix and many more. This is Case 'C', release before case 'B' which is the DC Character wave. Also one of the wave which will not hit locally as licensing issue prohibited it.

Order 2 case online and as you can see, the seller didn't double box it and there are some dent to the case itself. Nothing major to me as am liking it and will open a set up.

Each case consists of 16 pieces as indicate on the box itself, and there are 9 cars to a set. Having 7 casting with 2 unit of each and 2 casting with 1 unit each, so the only way to complete a set is to get a case and with 7 pieces of extra. Which to me is not bad because the extra are casting like Hiway Hauler, Deco Delivery, Ford C.O.E which is also favorable by most collectors if they do not wish to complete a set.

Casting and Character is this series will consists of the following : -

'57 Buick - Coco Puffs (1)
Custom '70 Chevelle Wagon - Count Chocula (2)
Custom '77 Dodge Van - Franken Berry (2)
'51 GMC COE - Honey Nut Cheerios (2)
'29 Ford Pickup - Boo Berry (1)
'70's Van - Wheaties (2)
Hiway Hauler - Lucky Charms (2)
Deco Delivery - Trix (2)
'49 COE - Cinnamon Toast Cruch (2)

Not only the cars and graphic are nice, even the card back are awesome too with each difference Character from General Mills. A worthy set to collect for both carded and loose car collectors. Grab it before they sold out, they will not be re-release it again in future wave as future wave will be Case 'B' featuring DC character and Case 'D' featuring Hershey Chocolate.

The back of the card shows all the casting for this General Mills wave, all that is left is whether Hotwheels will release a 4-pack exclusive for this like what's been done with Master of the universe (4-pack Toys R us Exclusive) and the DC wave (4-pack Wal-mart exclusive).
More photo of this coming up soon.. stay tune....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hotwheels : Volkswagen - part 3

Back to basic, more Volkswagen from various hot wheels series for your enjoyment. Raging from Classic Beetle Bug to Custom Beetle bug, enjoy.

Friday, August 12, 2011

KFC Ole Pocketful Promo - Mini 1/60

KFC Ole Pocketful Promo...
The KFC Die-cast promo is back and this time around it feature 1/60 scale MINI COOPER diecast from Wellys. Promo started in June 2011 (yes, am too late to put this :( ), so anyway this promo comes with a mini cooper with purchase of KFC's Ole pocketful set meal.

With each Ole meal, a mini cooper is your for RM$5.50 each or at RM$8.00 with any purchase of KFC meal. The cooper comes in 2 difference model which is the Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S Cabrio with each model having 3 distinct color. The convertible S Cabrio comes in Red, Silver and Black where as the Mini Cooper comes in Yellow, White and Blue.

Haul of the cooper above, they comes in blue with window cardboard boxes, its sturdy but not hard enough for protections. They are made by Welly as indicated at the base of the casting. At 1/60 scale, they are what you paid for, nothing bad, nothing good. Only manage to get 4 out of 6 for my collections.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Maisto Haul

Maisto new release recently. Custom Shop and Elite Transport series. Both series sporting some very nice super cars in them which is the Lamborghini and Mitsubishi Lancer.

 Haul of the month, 2 single card pack (Mucielago and Lancer evolution) and 2 elite transport pack (Gallardo and Lancer evolution with truck transport).

Up close pics of Elite Transport truck with Lamborghini Gallardo, sporting a 2-tone body color of Red on the top side with white on the bottom side. Nice combination, even the rims are spot on.

The 2nd close up pics of Elite Transport featuring the transport truck with Mitsubishi Lancer evolution in an all Blue body with a "STAR" on the roof and stunning black rims.

Next is the Custom Shop series featuring 2 of the best cars i like, the Lamborghini Murcielago and Lancer Evolution. The Murcielago is kinda plain with its all red body (something like the elite transport featuring the Lamborghini), the rims kinda save the car.

Another 2-tone color scheme for the lancer body with black on hood and spoiler. The side of the car is awesome looking some Japanese design tempo on them. Its a must have for Lancer fans.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2011 HW Garage

Yeah, this year Mattel offer new series to Malaysian Market and one of the series is the HOT WHEELS GARAGE series. Comprising some of the biggest Automobile maker in the world, the Garage series will showcase cars from FORD, VOLKSWAGEN, FERRARI, GM, MOPAR and many more.

Each of the casting in this series will feature Metal Body and Base with Real Rider wheels and is retailing at SRP $RM19.90 each.

More and more releases are expecting to hit the shelves, be on the look out for more new and exciting release from the Garage series. Cheers.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Yes, Mattel Hotwheels has come out with a new product call the WALL TRACK and this looks to me like a collaboration with Command Strip tape from 3M.

This new product is a Display rack / case for Hot wheels cars and comes with a free car in the pack. As shown in the picture, the rack have 5 compartment standing vertically. The rack DO NOT attached together with other rack but as an individual rack by itself.

The rack is stick to wall using "COMMAND STRIP" tape which is apply to the back of the rack. (It not permanent so no worries) It can be re-apply again with new "Command Strip" should you need to stick your rack somewhere else.

Once open the package, a little assembly is need for instance the attachment of Hotwheels logo to the top of the rack. Then its all ready for display with your Hot wheels casting. I found it to be able to fit in larger casting like the Dairy Delivery and 55 Chevy Panel. Not sure on other big casting like the Dragbus or Custom Convoy.

Overall, a very nice and interesting product and i would get more IF the price is more reasonable. This Wall Tracks is now retailing at RM$ 39.90! a pc, really too hefty a price to pay for a plastic rack and a free car. Nothing special bout the free car too, just another basic car that was release before and some are the Track aces series car that was release in 2008.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Toy Story 3 - HAMM

Disney Pixar's Toy Story 3 character has been turn into Vehicle by Hot Wheels and they do looks HOTTER then ever. This is HAMM on wheels, featuring Ham the pink coin box. This was release in wave 2 and it looks so darn cute. Accompany Hamm on wheels is HAM pullback toy from McDonald.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

SM - Lamborghini Countach

Totally forgotten about posting this awesome Classic Lamborghini Countach from Speed Machine series. This casting was not release in the mainline for almost 10 years if am not mistaken and its making its appearance in this series.

Spotting a Silver body with black tinted windows and brown co-mold wheels and metal base. A must get for all Raging bull fans.


Custom Motors - BAT TUMBLER

New series from Hot Wheels, the CUSTOM MOTORS series. Came in a few pack sizes where the smallest pack also known as the Starter sets which comes with 15+ interchangeable parts. Each pack allow the vehicle to be transform into difference mode depending on one creativity. All parts can be used with others starter pack and or bigger size pack to enhance the vehicle.

This is the Starter Pack from Custom Motors series which feature the Batmobile Tumbler from BATMAN : The Dark Knight movie. The Tumbler can be transform into a Battle Tank mode using those add-on interchangeable parts.

The TUMBLER Batmobile mode.

The Tumbler Battle Tank mode.

With your own creativity, it can be tranform into other mode and if part are add from others pack, the possibility is endless. Enjoys.