Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Just when you thought that Mattel Hotwheels has done away with the Mystery cars segment series, here come a big blow to us collectors. Seem that there is a NEW Mystery series appearing in K-Mart in the States. Its called the Mystery Models which is in blind plastic baggie packaging. Each of these packet consists of a basic hotwheels models and a piece of catalog / poster showing all the models in the series and there are 24 of them all in total.

This is what / how the mystery models series being sold looks like. A big box with holes at both the bottom and top. Its looks like a FIFO (first-in, first-out) system. Packet is taken out from the bottom and replace back at the top. This will cycle the package randomly in the box if ones return the package taken from bottom. No more peeps holes or open carded, now all need to do is feel the packaging to know whats models are in them, unless they are wrap-up. Good luck.

 All 24 Cars line-up are listed below:

1. Custom Camaro
2. 24 Hours
3. 71 Dodge Challenger
4. 65 Ford Ranchero
5. 71 Dodge Charger R/T
6. 83 Camaro Z28
7. '67 Shleby GT 500
8. Dodge Drag Neon
9. Chevy Camaro Concept
10. '69 Ford Mustang
11. Pass'n Gasser
12. Pikes Peak Tacoma
13. '70 Chevy Monte Carlo
14. Toyota RSC
15. Firestorm
16. Nerve Hammer
17. Prototype H24
18. Fast Fish
19. Surf Crate
20. Amazoom
21. Urban Agent
22. HW40
23. Shell Shock
24. Yur So Fast

some of the models shoot from the series taken by foma17 of

Let's the Mystery Models / Cars craze begin again... all funs and good luck to all.. cheers.


photo credits goes to FOMA17 of HWC.COM :) Thanks.

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