Friday, January 20, 2012

Haul - HW HONDA S2000

The much anticipated haul of the year has arrived, yes, the much talk about and much rave about casting by collectors has made it ways to me, hehe, But what is it? Its the 2011 Hot Wheels Premiere Honda S2000. 

Package arrived save and sound, an added bonus are those cool Stamps. Rarely received US package with stamps, usually with only the bar code stamping.. A little dented on the box, nothing major i hope.

Once open, all the cars are pack nicely and neatly in PAPER! Seller still uses paper for packaging material, now abit worries on the dented part of the box.. upon inspections, hmm seem "TAK KENA" (Didnt hit). Later found out that seller is being Green and environment friendly, hence no styrofoam / bubble.. kudos to the seller.

Once open all the packaging, and yellow.. its the 1st color to the S2000 which only appear briefly in local market and many collectors wants to complete all 3 color variations. So here they are for your  eyes only.. enjoys.

The front and back of the card packaging shows US Long card, not much difference except for the car info shown which the international card do not.

That it for now, waiting for my other haul / package to arrive soon this week as well. Cheers.


shaz @ kurz said...

woww abang 1 for me~?? heheh :P

Ago Advel said...

Hi, just wondering. Is this still available?