Thursday, August 30, 2012

HW 2013 Listing

Hi all, its end of Aug and Sept is coming and you know what this mean. Listing and casting for 2013 hotwheels will be release soon. Also there will be transitions of cars and packaging for the last few wave that is coming before the end of 2012 and making it way to 2013. Be on the look out for them  new cars as well as new cards.. Cheers.

Some New 2013 card for 2012 cars to be a look out for are the followings. The will probably be only available in the New card and not the old card.

Also a list of segment / theme / teams for 2013 mainlines releases is out and will have the followings belows:

HW Downtown (10 models),
HW Graffiti (10 models),
HW City Rides (10 models),
HW Night Burnerz (10 models).

HW City 2368 (5 models),
HW Ocean Predators/Beach Patrol (5 models),
Batman / Gotham (5 models).

HW Baja/Desert Race (5 models),
HW Rally (5 models),
HW Moto (5 models).

HW World Race (10 models),
HW Downhill Racers (10 models),
HW Oval Track Racers (10 models),
HW Chrome Racers (10 models),
HW X-Racers (10 models).

HW Custom Rods (10 models),
HW Collectors Choice (Heat Fleet) (10 models),
HW International All Stars (10 models),
HW Asphalt Assault (10 models),
HW Performance (Muscle) (10 models),
HW Garage (10 models),
HW Corvette 60th Anniversary (10 models),
HW Hot Trucks (10 models)..
what do collectors thing bout those series above? what model or tempos are expected from the theme? will it be like matchbox style or something else. Can't wait to see what other offering for 2013 and photo that will be coming out in the coming months.
That it for now, until more news and listing releases, made mine HW. cheers.

Nostalgia DC 1 + 2

Yes, my Nostalgia DC 2 arrived today and am darn excited about it. Gotta rip open the box and hold them nicely and admired all the art work on those cards. Character feature in DC 2 include the followings : 

SuperGirl - Plastic Man - Aquaman - Bat Girl - Riddler and Darkseid

Art works feature classic comics character and when you put them all together with series 1 DC, it will be an awesome view to look at. You can even drool on it even.

Here all the HEROES character together... nice right. Here hoping there be series 3 of DC coming next year.
And here are all the VILLAINS character together, sadly there are the arch-nemesis for Batman and Superman Character. Am sure DC can supply countless character to choose from and Mattel to choose interesting casting to out them out
More in depth pics and review ofr this series in the future.. cheers