Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nostalgia DC 1 + 2

Yes, my Nostalgia DC 2 arrived today and am darn excited about it. Gotta rip open the box and hold them nicely and admired all the art work on those cards. Character feature in DC 2 include the followings : 

SuperGirl - Plastic Man - Aquaman - Bat Girl - Riddler and Darkseid

Art works feature classic comics character and when you put them all together with series 1 DC, it will be an awesome view to look at. You can even drool on it even.

Here all the HEROES character together... nice right. Here hoping there be series 3 of DC coming next year.
And here are all the VILLAINS character together, sadly there are the arch-nemesis for Batman and Superman Character. Am sure DC can supply countless character to choose from and Mattel to choose interesting casting to out them out
More in depth pics and review ofr this series in the future.. cheers

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