Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monster Jam DUO (2-Pack)

Yeah, there a Monster Jam Duo in the market, sadly not in local market. Dont know if there be IN the local market or not. This is not the 1st time the Monster Duo was release, previously they were release as WAL-MART exclusive in 2008 and only had 3 casting. These new release not only re-release the 3 casting previously but also additional 9 NEW casting as well which also included a Original NEW casting of a DAIRY DELIVERY!!

Monster Jam Duo featuring a Monster Jam Truck and also a regular Hot Wheels 1/64 casting which spot the same decal / tempo of that of the Monster Jam Truck. Its a limited edition release and lots of them are new with tempo.

1/64 Monster Duo 2010 line

Grave Digger / Anglia Panel Truck --- New
Backdraft /Rescue Ranger --- New
Maximum Destruction / Whip Creamer --- New
Hot Wheels / Off-Track --- Re-issue
Batman / '89 Movie Batmobile --- New
Avenger / '57 Chevy --- New
Monster Mutt Dalmatian / Purple Passion --- Re-issue
Bone Shaker / Bone Shaker --- New
Bounter Hunter / Baja Breaker --- New
Blue Thunder / Ford F-150 --- New
Udder Madness / Dairy Delivery --- New
Captain's Curse / Jaded --- Re-issue

Already got mine, what are you waiting for, go get themmm alll.. :)


Monday, June 21, 2010


The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution or more commonly known as EVO X by mattel has reach retail store. This very nice but not accurate EVO release in this year 2010 Nightburnerz segment series and is gonne be like the ECTO-1, highly sort after.

Graphics art on blister card is awesome, minus the side mirror that is. Wheels and tempo are amazing, with clear window and gray interior. Lastly a chrome base with new wheels.

Great racing design and detail on it. Great selections for EVO fans and non alike. Click pics for larger view.. cheers.


Custom 53' Cadillac - $Thunt$

This Custom 53' Cadillac is a very nice low rider casting which hardly anybody take notice of. 1st release in 2009 with 3 color variation that i believed not many collectors manage to complete. A fine selection for a Treasure Hunts considering this is the 2nd year release of this casting, also spots a mini racer at the back.

This $uper version got the following...

Spectra Flame Magenta body with white/yellow flame on the hood and side body
Clear plastic window
Grey interior
Chrome base
Hotwheels logo at 1 rear side and "TH" logo at another rear side
White wall real rider tyres


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gangster Grim : $THUNT$

Gangster Grim made its premiere release not in the basic mainline series but in 2008 Designer's Challenge series. This was not a very popular casting then and it isn't now either but somehow, Mattel chooses this casting to be this year Treasure Hunts series.

This Super Thunt version comes with

Spectra flame purple body and blue / green flame on top and side.
"Hot wheels" tempo on side and "TH" logo at back
Blue tinted window
Blue interior
Chrome base
New Real Rider Wheels

Lots of negative comment were given on this casting by collector to be the wrong selection for Treasure Hunts series. Yet still it is being bought up and hard to get as other Treasure Hunts. What is confirm is that, a Treasure Hunts is a Treasure Hunts no matter what casting it is, there will be people who would buy it to complete the series. Cheers.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Howlin' Heat - 2010 Premiere

2010 New Models Hot Wheels Premiere at # 34 in the series, the HOWLIN' HEAT. Well, as its namesake, you know it is wolf related casting and it looks good. Mattel did a SuppDogg in 2007 if not mistaken that looks like a pit bull and now in 2010, we have a WOLF theme casting.

All feature of a wolf head casting, ears, eyes, teeth too and tempo that looks like fur. This is one angry ferocious wolf that need to be capture and tame.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Classic Custom Convoy Chase

Hot Wheels Classic Series 5 release 2 version in the series, a regular with plastic wheels and a chase with Real Riders Wheels. Not all castings in the series will get the chase version treatment but some that does will follow its counterpart regular version with color variations as well.

Customs Convoy Chase PINK Variations

Customs Convoy Chase LIGHT BLUE Variations

Customs Convoy Chase Green Variations

With 3 down, 3 more to go.. cheers...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Collectors National - Surfin School BUS

The 5th Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals held at Chicago at 13th-17 April 2005. The Surfin School bus in black with the logo featuring "10 YEARS OF HOT WHEELS DESIGN".

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Error, Error - Bread BOX

Went on a trip down south and found this.Really unexpected find, no wasted efford.

Looks fine and good from this angle and upon closer look.. BAM!

Guess the engine too hot and got melted..


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Haul - Anglia Panel

Haul for this week from the states.. those Panel is hard to come by, at least with good price. I miss out on a loose lot of 25 pcs Anglia Panel a couple of month back at EvilBAY, then saw these and click click click.. the rest is history.

3 pieces of limited edition Anglia Panel, Mint on mint card conditions and all 3 are real riders wheels. I really like the Fire RODS panel, the deco is sstunnniggg, other are not too shabby as well. 2nd fav. from these would be the Editors Choice and lastly the Rod & Customs.

2000 - FIRE RODS : series 2

2002 - ROD & CUSTOM MAGAZINE series

2000 - EDITOR CHOICE : series 1

Friday, June 11, 2010

PEEKABOOO - June 2010

Welcome back to another addition of PEEKABOO....

Here is June Edition... Enjoy..

CHEERS and happy Hunting....

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tomica / Takara Tomy - Disney

Look like am hook to Tomica Disney theme diecast. Bought another 3 more never seen b4 pieces. Are they old releases? This time, i got myself a Dumbo, Stitch and Jack Christmas. All 3 are from Jusco with 50% off, there are few other model such as Alice in wonderland, the Incredible and also another Jack.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Error, Error - 41' WILLY

This is the 1st no decal / tempo error carded car for me. Previously, my error is missing wheels, missing engine but missing tempo is my 1st.

2010 Basic car in the HW Performance team segment featuring 41' WILLY in yellow with MSD Ignition decal.. but someone in factory forgotten bout it.. look on..