Monday, June 21, 2010


The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution or more commonly known as EVO X by mattel has reach retail store. This very nice but not accurate EVO release in this year 2010 Nightburnerz segment series and is gonne be like the ECTO-1, highly sort after.

Graphics art on blister card is awesome, minus the side mirror that is. Wheels and tempo are amazing, with clear window and gray interior. Lastly a chrome base with new wheels.

Great racing design and detail on it. Great selections for EVO fans and non alike. Click pics for larger view.. cheers.



Pablo said...

Very nice, congrats. Greetings

saruman said...

Wow! I got the loose 1 but to get the carded 1 is not gonna be easy.... I might not even see it... Well.. just like Ecto-1!

Marcollections said...

Pablo : Thanks..

Marcollections said...

Saruman : - Yeah, i know what you mean. Better grab them fast if you see it. Good Luck.