Saturday, June 12, 2010

Haul - Anglia Panel

Haul for this week from the states.. those Panel is hard to come by, at least with good price. I miss out on a loose lot of 25 pcs Anglia Panel a couple of month back at EvilBAY, then saw these and click click click.. the rest is history.

3 pieces of limited edition Anglia Panel, Mint on mint card conditions and all 3 are real riders wheels. I really like the Fire RODS panel, the deco is sstunnniggg, other are not too shabby as well. 2nd fav. from these would be the Editors Choice and lastly the Rod & Customs.

2000 - FIRE RODS : series 2

2002 - ROD & CUSTOM MAGAZINE series

2000 - EDITOR CHOICE : series 1

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