Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gangster Grim : $THUNT$

Gangster Grim made its premiere release not in the basic mainline series but in 2008 Designer's Challenge series. This was not a very popular casting then and it isn't now either but somehow, Mattel chooses this casting to be this year Treasure Hunts series.

This Super Thunt version comes with

Spectra flame purple body and blue / green flame on top and side.
"Hot wheels" tempo on side and "TH" logo at back
Blue tinted window
Blue interior
Chrome base
New Real Rider Wheels

Lots of negative comment were given on this casting by collector to be the wrong selection for Treasure Hunts series. Yet still it is being bought up and hard to get as other Treasure Hunts. What is confirm is that, a Treasure Hunts is a Treasure Hunts no matter what casting it is, there will be people who would buy it to complete the series. Cheers.


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