Monday, February 28, 2011

2010 Mustang Thunt - CRUSH!

Finding a Hot Wheels T-Hunt on peg can be rare for someone like me, so when i do see it, chances are i'll buy it without a 2nd thought. A T-Hunt is not something you would mistreat it like some sort of worthless garbage. Like the one i recently found on peg, i'll let the photo do the talking ya cause am too sad to say anything when i see it.

One thing i know i had to do to ease the pain is to release the Mustang and let it ROLLSss, now that is better. Luckily didnt suffer major breakdown, once release, its as good as new.

I don't know why these individual would do such a thing as crushing the cards, i know it was done on purpose as all the others card in the mustang wave is mint condition, The question is WHY? are these individual have some sort of mental disorder or something? Weird..


New HotWheels wave

New New Wave in Market now. Suppost to post this out earlier but got delay. Don't know what wave but its NEW. Happy hunting yo.. cheers.. MID VALLEY to be exact.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Foldabox by RodaPanas

Die-cast collector, ever wonder how to keep a loose cars on display free from dust and dirt besides displaying them in covered glass shelves or cabinet or cupboards. Also due to display case space constraint or to prevents cars from rolling off in display. Here's one ingenious way of keeping your loose cars collections neat and tidy.

Foldabox from has came out a way to display your loose collections neat and tidy at an afforadable price. The foldabox for loose car are sold at RM 10 for 5 pieces as shown below. They are called foldabox because, some folding are needed in order to made your display boxes

Foldabox came pack in 5 pieces and will look something like below once spread out.  Folding Instructions are available and come with the pack or via Youtube for a step by step guide.

Usually it will take around 5 min to fold a foldabox but once you have try it, the next would be easy to do. Once done the fold will look like a rectangular square box. Because of its flat surface, you can stack them up or line them up for display. You cars will not rolls off from display and you dont need to put blue tag to keep them in place. Lastly, they are free from dust and dirt of open display. Less cleaning and save time.

What i like about the foldabox from rodapanas as compares to other made is that the size is suitable for bigger diecast model like the Dairy Delivery, 55' Chevy Panel, Drag Truck and many others casting that am collecting.

Well with that said, there are also foldabox for your typical carded die-cast brand like Hotwheels and Matchbox that are also being sold at RM 10 for 3 pieces. Hopefully this will help you collectors to display your collections loose or carded. For more info, do check out Cheers.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Halloween Highway 2002

2002 is the year where Mattel release a Halloween theme cars set series called the "HALLOWEEN HIGHWAY".  The series comprises 4 difference 2 car-packs which feature Halloween graphics like zombies, mummies, vampires and wolfmen them, making them SCARRYY.. lol. 

Casting for this series consists of....

Pack #1 (WolfMen pack)
Top : Screamin' Hauler
Bottom : 57' Roadster

Pack #2 (Mummies pack)
Top : Double Demon
Bottom : Combat Medic

Pack #3 (Zombies Pack)
Top : Anglia Panel
Bottom : Phamtom Corsair

Pack #4 (Vampire Pack)
Top : Rigor Motor
Bottom : Evil Twin

What i like about this set is that each of the 2 pack comes with a color car and the other a black/white car tempo. I really like the black/white tempo cars as its something difference and also , good quality graphics. Kudos Hotwheels.


Friday, February 4, 2011


After a year pass, now only i've manage to fill the display with die-cast. Wasn't sure what to put in then. Got this Hot wheels display case from a Collaboration Contests that runs at Toys R Us with Mattel in 2009. Contest rules were simple, to registered for the contest, spend over rm30 in a single receipt with hotwheels products and be a "Star" card member. After that, the top 20 highest spending "Star" card member for hot wheels products (during the contest period) will wins the display case. Easy as 1-2-3 :). Will probably rotate the cars display once every few months or years.

The original promo posters is as below. Click to enlarge.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Haul of the week (Jan 2011)

YAHOOO!!! and thanks to Mattel for finally bringing something for the adult collectible market. What in store for us is the newly release series of Hot Wheels Vintage racing series and also the Hot Wheels Garage 2011 series that is now available at local Toys R Us and Aeon Jusco outlet nationwide. Haul one of each and also some new basic cars.

Both the Garage and Vintage Racing series are having Metal body chassis and base and also both series are with Real Riders (Rubber) Wheels. Each are at RM$19.90 SRP nationwide and i must admit, they are not bad at all. Not into Muscle cars but i do like the one i've bought. Nice.

Some basic mainline cars that i found and some by friends which fits into my collections. The T-Hunts is a bonus to have, others are just awesome. The more i see the 2011 card design, the more i like them, very vibrant and colorful.

And lastly, found the circle tracker racing tempo for my racing collection, the black delorean and green evo lancer to complete my set and the boneshaker is a error itself with masking tape all over the front engine. Awesome January hauling so far, nice.

1981 Delorean DMC-12 (Complete)

2010 is over and comes 2011, with it also the completion of 2010 Hot Wheels Premiere of the 81' DELOREAN DMC-12 casting with 2 re-color of Gold and black.

A vintage casting which only saw its production in the mainline series almost 20 years later in the making. Now if only TOMY TAKARA would made one in its mainline with openable door and it would be awesome.

All 3 of them side by side, all 3 with 10sp wheels and openable hood at the back. If they aren't loose, you won't know that they are openable and would think its a variant / error cars (some even put it on ebay). 

Very nice and can't wait for the 2011 FTE version and also the official BTTF version making its debut in the Premiere series in 2011. Happy hunting.

Haul of the week (Dec 2010)

My december 2010 haul pics which was totally MIA until now ..LOL.. here it is now after much delay. Got them at ToysRUs, Speed Machine and some Mainlines car . Enjoy.

Nissan GT-R (black) goes well with the red release earlier, also my 2nd Ferrari 599XX.

All my fav. casting at one go

N those above, don't know what i do with them later. Should have more coming soon.



HOTWHEELS showcase series (OIL CAN series) in 2004 release a limited production runs of 7000 set on a 4 piece set series called "SHELL : HIGH TEST". Featuring casting with Classic "SHELL" logo and Red/Yellow color theme, also with rubber wheels.

These are in scale of 1/64 and in tube packaging which collector called "OIL CAN". There is also a difference runs for this series which is without the Rubber wheels top that was in production at 15,000 set.

The 4 piece set consists of the following below...

Cheers and happy collecting

2011 Chinese New Year


Wishing all a Blessed and Happy Chinese New Year with lots of
Blessing, Happiness, Health & Prosperity

Enjoy this season holiday and take care.