Thursday, February 3, 2011

1981 Delorean DMC-12 (Complete)

2010 is over and comes 2011, with it also the completion of 2010 Hot Wheels Premiere of the 81' DELOREAN DMC-12 casting with 2 re-color of Gold and black.

A vintage casting which only saw its production in the mainline series almost 20 years later in the making. Now if only TOMY TAKARA would made one in its mainline with openable door and it would be awesome.

All 3 of them side by side, all 3 with 10sp wheels and openable hood at the back. If they aren't loose, you won't know that they are openable and would think its a variant / error cars (some even put it on ebay). 

Very nice and can't wait for the 2011 FTE version and also the official BTTF version making its debut in the Premiere series in 2011. Happy hunting.


jason bouskill said...

how much are they worth i have the metal flake gold and the flat black hot wheels DELOREN DMC-12 dinky cars but i still need the silver one and the timmachine verson also where can i get the two other ones i need

Marcollections said...

Hi bro, those are not dinky cars but Hot wheels. As to where you can get it, try your local flea market or toys show. Last option would be the online auctions side. Good luck.