Saturday, February 19, 2011

Foldabox by RodaPanas

Die-cast collector, ever wonder how to keep a loose cars on display free from dust and dirt besides displaying them in covered glass shelves or cabinet or cupboards. Also due to display case space constraint or to prevents cars from rolling off in display. Here's one ingenious way of keeping your loose cars collections neat and tidy.

Foldabox from has came out a way to display your loose collections neat and tidy at an afforadable price. The foldabox for loose car are sold at RM 10 for 5 pieces as shown below. They are called foldabox because, some folding are needed in order to made your display boxes

Foldabox came pack in 5 pieces and will look something like below once spread out.  Folding Instructions are available and come with the pack or via Youtube for a step by step guide.

Usually it will take around 5 min to fold a foldabox but once you have try it, the next would be easy to do. Once done the fold will look like a rectangular square box. Because of its flat surface, you can stack them up or line them up for display. You cars will not rolls off from display and you dont need to put blue tag to keep them in place. Lastly, they are free from dust and dirt of open display. Less cleaning and save time.

What i like about the foldabox from rodapanas as compares to other made is that the size is suitable for bigger diecast model like the Dairy Delivery, 55' Chevy Panel, Drag Truck and many others casting that am collecting.

Well with that said, there are also foldabox for your typical carded die-cast brand like Hotwheels and Matchbox that are also being sold at RM 10 for 3 pieces. Hopefully this will help you collectors to display your collections loose or carded. For more info, do check out Cheers.



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