Saturday, February 5, 2011

Halloween Highway 2002

2002 is the year where Mattel release a Halloween theme cars set series called the "HALLOWEEN HIGHWAY".  The series comprises 4 difference 2 car-packs which feature Halloween graphics like zombies, mummies, vampires and wolfmen them, making them SCARRYY.. lol. 

Casting for this series consists of....

Pack #1 (WolfMen pack)
Top : Screamin' Hauler
Bottom : 57' Roadster

Pack #2 (Mummies pack)
Top : Double Demon
Bottom : Combat Medic

Pack #3 (Zombies Pack)
Top : Anglia Panel
Bottom : Phamtom Corsair

Pack #4 (Vampire Pack)
Top : Rigor Motor
Bottom : Evil Twin

What i like about this set is that each of the 2 pack comes with a color car and the other a black/white car tempo. I really like the black/white tempo cars as its something difference and also , good quality graphics. Kudos Hotwheels.


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