Monday, July 23, 2012

Nostalgia - DC Comics 2

Product's photo has finally surface online, the actual product is not starting to appear and with all the 6 casting and card art on them. I'm completely blown away by this series again and still undecided  to wait it out for local market to release (series 1 DC took 6 months after US release) or just do some clicking online. Anyway here are the photo.. enjoy them all.. cheers.

Photo above is from 2012 SDCC's Mattel booth, showing the assortment for DC Comics 2 Nostalgia.

Group pics for all the 6 Casting in the series.

FUUU this series is looking good, can't wait for them to release now, how bout everybody, also anticipating this series to reach our shore or do some clicking?


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hot wheels.. Nostalgia - Part 2

Continue where part 1 left off, ( Hot Wheels... Simply Nostalgic Part 1, ) we now have the following wave already release in the US / CAN market and maybe some other part of the world as well. Just a short re-cap of this adult collectible series called NOSTALGIA that been making me going nuts! lol. 

2011 SERIES consists of 4 wave : 
W2 - DC Comics - 8 Castings
W3 - GENERAL MILLS (Cereal) - 9 Castings
W4 - HERSHEY'S - 10 Castings 

2012 SERIES consists of 8 wave : 
(W5) W1 - HANNA BARBARA - 6 Castings
(W6) W2 - HERSHEY'S 2 - 6 Castings
(W7) W3 - NOSE ART - 6 Castings
Now we continue with 3 more wave for 2012, Enjoy....

  ICE CREAM : CARVEL - 2012 - Wave 4 (W8)(May 2012-US)
Not available in Malaysia Retail! 
6 Pieces set with only ONE card back design
SATURDAY EVENING POSTS (SEP) - 2012 - Wave 5 (W9)(June 2012-US)
Not available in Malaysia Retail! 
6 Pieces set with ALL 6 distinct card back design, 
Art by famous artists Norman Rockwell.


  LIVE NATION (Rock Band) - 2012 - Wave 6 (W10) (July 2012-US)
Not available in Malaysia Retail! 
6 Pieces set with 3 card back design. One for each Rock Group.
Just 2 more wave to go for 2012 series and i really hope this series will continue in 2013, only time will tell. As for the last 2 series that coming your way (DC COMICS 2 & ATARI (yes, u got that right), official news from Mattel has announced that the last wave for this series will be ATARI arcade and home gaming console. Just watch this space for new coming real soon and i mean REALLY SOON,.. cheers. :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Recent Hot Wheels Hauling

Yup, been some time that i posted basic line cars pics. Here are 2 accumulative haul pics for your enjoyment.

July 2012 Hauling

 June 2012 Hauling

 May 2012 Hauling

That it folks, hope to post up more haul pics when i manage to haul them. cheers.