Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monster Jam DUO (2-Pack)

Yeah, there a Monster Jam Duo in the market, sadly not in local market. Dont know if there be IN the local market or not. This is not the 1st time the Monster Duo was release, previously they were release as WAL-MART exclusive in 2008 and only had 3 casting. These new release not only re-release the 3 casting previously but also additional 9 NEW casting as well which also included a Original NEW casting of a DAIRY DELIVERY!!

Monster Jam Duo featuring a Monster Jam Truck and also a regular Hot Wheels 1/64 casting which spot the same decal / tempo of that of the Monster Jam Truck. Its a limited edition release and lots of them are new with tempo.

1/64 Monster Duo 2010 line

Grave Digger / Anglia Panel Truck --- New
Backdraft /Rescue Ranger --- New
Maximum Destruction / Whip Creamer --- New
Hot Wheels / Off-Track --- Re-issue
Batman / '89 Movie Batmobile --- New
Avenger / '57 Chevy --- New
Monster Mutt Dalmatian / Purple Passion --- Re-issue
Bone Shaker / Bone Shaker --- New
Bounter Hunter / Baja Breaker --- New
Blue Thunder / Ford F-150 --- New
Udder Madness / Dairy Delivery --- New
Captain's Curse / Jaded --- Re-issue

Already got mine, what are you waiting for, go get themmm alll.. :)



saruman said...

wow! I want them!!!!! (sadly not available here... *sigh*)

Marcollections said...

Yeah bro, sure wish local market will have them too. Fingers Crosses...