Saturday, May 28, 2011

Custom Motors - BAT TUMBLER

New series from Hot Wheels, the CUSTOM MOTORS series. Came in a few pack sizes where the smallest pack also known as the Starter sets which comes with 15+ interchangeable parts. Each pack allow the vehicle to be transform into difference mode depending on one creativity. All parts can be used with others starter pack and or bigger size pack to enhance the vehicle.

This is the Starter Pack from Custom Motors series which feature the Batmobile Tumbler from BATMAN : The Dark Knight movie. The Tumbler can be transform into a Battle Tank mode using those add-on interchangeable parts.

The TUMBLER Batmobile mode.

The Tumbler Battle Tank mode.

With your own creativity, it can be tranform into other mode and if part are add from others pack, the possibility is endless. Enjoys.

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