Friday, August 12, 2011

KFC Ole Pocketful Promo - Mini 1/60

KFC Ole Pocketful Promo...
The KFC Die-cast promo is back and this time around it feature 1/60 scale MINI COOPER diecast from Wellys. Promo started in June 2011 (yes, am too late to put this :( ), so anyway this promo comes with a mini cooper with purchase of KFC's Ole pocketful set meal.

With each Ole meal, a mini cooper is your for RM$5.50 each or at RM$8.00 with any purchase of KFC meal. The cooper comes in 2 difference model which is the Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S Cabrio with each model having 3 distinct color. The convertible S Cabrio comes in Red, Silver and Black where as the Mini Cooper comes in Yellow, White and Blue.

Haul of the cooper above, they comes in blue with window cardboard boxes, its sturdy but not hard enough for protections. They are made by Welly as indicated at the base of the casting. At 1/60 scale, they are what you paid for, nothing bad, nothing good. Only manage to get 4 out of 6 for my collections.

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