Tuesday, September 27, 2011

General Mills - HW Nostalgia

Mid September 2011, the release of Hot Wheels Nostalgia series 2nd wave which feature Characters from GENERAL MILLS. Maker of cereal products such as Cocoa Puff, Lucky Charms, Trix and many more. This is Case 'C', release before case 'B' which is the DC Character wave. Also one of the wave which will not hit locally as licensing issue prohibited it.

Order 2 case online and as you can see, the seller didn't double box it and there are some dent to the case itself. Nothing major to me as am liking it and will open a set up.

Each case consists of 16 pieces as indicate on the box itself, and there are 9 cars to a set. Having 7 casting with 2 unit of each and 2 casting with 1 unit each, so the only way to complete a set is to get a case and with 7 pieces of extra. Which to me is not bad because the extra are casting like Hiway Hauler, Deco Delivery, Ford C.O.E which is also favorable by most collectors if they do not wish to complete a set.

Casting and Character is this series will consists of the following : -

'57 Buick - Coco Puffs (1)
Custom '70 Chevelle Wagon - Count Chocula (2)
Custom '77 Dodge Van - Franken Berry (2)
'51 GMC COE - Honey Nut Cheerios (2)
'29 Ford Pickup - Boo Berry (1)
'70's Van - Wheaties (2)
Hiway Hauler - Lucky Charms (2)
Deco Delivery - Trix (2)
'49 COE - Cinnamon Toast Cruch (2)

Not only the cars and graphic are nice, even the card back are awesome too with each difference Character from General Mills. A worthy set to collect for both carded and loose car collectors. Grab it before they sold out, they will not be re-release it again in future wave as future wave will be Case 'B' featuring DC character and Case 'D' featuring Hershey Chocolate.

The back of the card shows all the casting for this General Mills wave, all that is left is whether Hotwheels will release a 4-pack exclusive for this like what's been done with Master of the universe (4-pack Toys R us Exclusive) and the DC wave (4-pack Wal-mart exclusive).
More photo of this coming up soon.. stay tune....


The Silent Story Teller said...

u have a very interesting collection there, may i know how do u order it online?

Marcollections said...

ebay is yur friend bro..