Tuesday, September 27, 2011

General Mills - Carded

2nd part of the Nostalgia General Mills posting. Photo above is the assortment rate for 2 cases. Both Boo Berry and Cocoa Puffs is 1 (one) to a case.

'51 GMC COE - Honey Nut Cheerios

Hiway Hauler - Lucky Charms

Custom '77 Dodge Van - Franken Berry

'49 FORD COE - Cinnamon Toast Cruch

'57 Buick - Coco Puffs

'70's Van - Wheaties

Deco Delivery - Trix

'29 Ford Pickup - Boo Berry

Custom '70 Chevelle Wagon - Count Chocula

The card back with all the casting from the series are shown, its good so as collector will know what is release and what to look out for in this series. Its an overall awesome series to collect, great graphic and great choice of casting too. Was hoping the Dairy Delivery will be in it but it was being release as an SDCC's Exlcusive instead so no complains here.

More pics of this series in future posting, keep it coming.


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