Sunday, December 16, 2012


(update 1 ** added 2 more pics**)

Hi there folks, 2013 is just round the corner and 2012 is gonna be history soon. What will your collection list gonna be for 2013? There are so many new models car coming out for Hot Wheels Basic and New series being announced for 2013 recently.

One of the series that i'll be anticipating for 2013 will be the "Pop Culture" series, taking over the "Nostalgia" series that has been running in 2011 & 2012. Like Nostalgia, Pop culture will feature a similar release with each releases focusing on a well know licensing properties. 

Coming in early 2013, Pop Culture will release the WB's Looney Tunes properties featuring characters like Bugs Bunny, Slyvester Cat, Tweety Birds, Tasmania Devils among others. Looking forward to its release, below are some of the Carded soon to be release Pop Culture's Looney Tunes. Cheers.

Original pics taken from a seller in Ebay, edited by me.

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