Friday, March 15, 2013

2013 Bat Segment - Batcopter

2013 Mainline BATMAN segment cars featuring some of the Batmobile casting that was release previously with 1 new casting this year which is the BATMAN LIVE that was release earlier this year. Now we see the 2nd model in the segment series being release in the latest case assortment after the STAR TREK USS Enterprise.

’89 BATMOBILE   TV Series 
Batman: Arkham Asylum BATMOBILE
BATCOPTER (release)
BATMAN Live Batmobile (release)

BATCOPTER, was never release in the mainline before since it was release in either the Batman 2 pack and 5pack release. This is the 1st time the Batcopter being release in Mainline card. This is awesome!!

Found in fresh case, the Batcopter wave also come with the Orange Cool Kombi and VW Scirocco. So sad the the Thunt superised and regular was not found, Why collector left this behind?, very puzzling to me. Anyway, this is good news for all collector that new wave come again this week.


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