Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pop Culture W2 : The Muppets

Disney's The Muppet by Hot Wheels Pop Culture series has arrived just days before the Chinese New Year Festive Holiday. The 2nd wave releases after Warner Bros's Looney Toons, which just hit specialty store weeks earlier. Speculation again as to whether if this series is making its local appearance anytime soon. As heard by now, local retail outlet is selling this series and they are moving fast. Guess i should have been more patient and waited for local release instead of getting from Online.

 Case code is X8308-956B (Wave 2). 
Contains 16 pcs per case, 
(2 complete set of 6 and 4 single extra)

Cars arrangement and assortments, 4 single extra consists of the 
59' Chevy, 34' Ford Sedan, Midnight Otto and Dairy Delivery.

The carded portrait, truthfully, the only character i knew from the Muppets is from the Saseme Street TV show. The rest are character unknown to me, and with a little "Google" from the internet, what is unknown become known. At least something bout Fozzie the Bear.

Back of the packaging, just as nice as before featuring cars appearing in this series alone. Since there is no number / sequential on the series, this will be a guide to buyer on what's available. Like the way the series is release and to theme.

Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog : 59' Chevy Delivery

Gonzo : Baja Breaker

Statler and Waldorf (w/white mustache) : 34' Ford Sedan Delivery

Animal : Midnight Otto

 The Swedish Chef : Super Van
=================================================================== Looking forward to Wave 3 : Comic Classic releases. Fingers cross

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