Friday, February 15, 2013

2013 HW Poster Booklet

Its Feb 2013, as usual everybody in the Hot Wheels world are waiting and anticipating the release of 2013 poster line up. Well for international collectors, rejoice for they have arrived. The 2013 series collector booklet (as is what its called since 2012). This year, Hot Wheels will release 2 booklet at separate release date. See photo and notes below, click on photo to see enlarged pic. cheers.

(Photo scan courtesy of YusoffHW @ Lyn HW forum.).Thanks mate.

Cover to the Gallery, Booklet 1 of 2.. 
notice the Tag line now is " GO FOR IT!" no more "Beat That, Take that"

1st page show the index of the Booklet. 
Only 5 segments was feature in booklet 1.

Short descriptions and each segment and the photo at next page.
Let the fun begins!! 

Please look carefully at the photo, this is the 1st time that Mattel offer model color variation into the booklet/posters. Never before this has offer before. Now collector know of what color variation the model will come out. 
Not sure if Mattel will include K-day exclusive color to the booklet / Poster

Back cover of the booklet... GO FOR IT!! What are you waiting for!

Booklet 2 of 2 will release in mid year according to sources but can't confirm at the moment, once its out, it will be feature here. Cheers.

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