Thursday, February 21, 2013


One of the New model for 2013 mainline is an ambulance. An ambulance called SPEEDBOX. Found this few days back and totally like the design. At first, didn't thought of it as an ambulance cause it doesn't look like one. Then i did a google on the wording on the side which is "RETTUNGSWAGEN" which is in German that reads Ambulance. Clever Hot Wheels graphic designer, look closely at the rear "Hot wheels" logo with a vertical line, looks like a "+" ambulance indeed.


White plastic body and matte black plastic base.
Black and red deco with "17" and "Rettungswagen" and "Hot wheels" logo at side. 
Blue window and roof
Wheels either a PR5 or MC5?
Plastic chrome at Fenders and Grille with read bumper

Hope to see more of this release soon and in diecast. Lovin it.

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