Wednesday, February 6, 2013


So another week passed by, another post for Pop Culture, gotta thanks Steve over at HWC for those sneak pics and am looking forward to their releases. This week sneak featuring Pop Culture wave 4 : DC comics Universe. 

As most collectors of Nostalgia knew, DC was feature in the Nostalgia line 2 times during it runs in 2011 and in 2012 respectively and in 2013, DC again was feature in Pop Culture series. What is disappointing to me is that, the character for that line will be the same as those feature in Nostalgia.

Batman, Catwomen, Joker, Bizarro and HarleyQuinn. Those 5 character was already feature and i dont see the need to showcase them again in Pop Culture series. There are so many more character in the DC universe to choose from namely GREEN LANTERN, SINESTRO, HAWKMAN, HAWKWOMEN, MARTIAN MANHUNTER, DOOMDAY,  BANE, AZREAL and So forth. Come on Mattel, gave us something new.

So here is this week Sneak for Pop Culture DC wave. 

8 Crate Delivery : Bizarro
Was feature in Nostalgia Wave 2 on Hiway Hauler. 
Combinations of Gold and Purple just doesn't click with me :(

  63' Studebacker Champ : The Joker
Was hoping for something new, Red with white is not something new.

 Austin Mini Van : Harley Quinn
Now this is awesome looking, with diamond shape all over the Van's body. Hope it wont be short pack.


Looking forward to another sneak pics in the coming days, keep reading and i'll keep posting. Cheers and Happy Holidays :)

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