Monday, February 11, 2013

Pop Culture W1 : LooneyTunes

My case of Hot Wheels' Looney Tunes Pop culture arrived in January 2013. Was wanting to wait it out till Mattel bring it in locally as rumor has it but not confirmed until it was too late. Just days after placing order online that i received news of Pop Culture availability in local market but only at specialties store (Toy shop). Will the series be complete thru the year with all wave release locally or will it simply be like the other incomplete series (Vintage Racing / Garage / Hot Ones / Nostalgia) due to bad sales and poor repeated distributions. Here am fingers crossing that it won't be the latter, but to keep it save, i will have to be on the look out for this series as future releases seem to be looking good for Pop Culture without Mattel screwing it up for local collectors. The Muppet will be coming in this week and a full review will followed after.

Case code is X8308-956A (Wave 1). 
Contains 16 pcs per case, 
(2 complete set of 6 and 4 single extra)

Cars arrangement and assortments, 4 single extra consists of the 
Dairy Delivery, Spoiler Sports, Pro stock Camaro and Dream Van.

Front Packaging is distinct to each Looney tunes Feature in the series and they are Awesome when display. Put them together with 2012 Nostalgia Hanna Barbara series and perfect.

Back of the packaging, looks the same as Nostalgia with all casting feature in the series. Since there is no number / sequential on the series, this will be a guide to buyer on what's available.

 Bugs Bunny : Dairy Delivery
 Tasmanian Devil : Funny Money

Wile E Coyote & Road Runner : Pro Stock Camaro

 Daffy Duck : VW SquareBack

 Marvin Martian : Spoiler Sport

 Bugs Bunny : Dream Van XGW

Looking forward to future wave releases. Fingers cross


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