Saturday, December 4, 2010

Object of my rant! - Haul

Object of my ranting the last couple of week last month. A purchase made in late October overseas saw it arrival on 2nd December!!! via Express Mail! What really happen then?, read on.

As usual, i wait it out after making payment to the seller for the item to arrived. After a week, i track my package and saw that it is delay and held at customs for clearance. So i say to myself, ok its at customs and should be out soon in a day or two. But nope, still at customs and am beginning to wonder what is going on. A few days later my seller contacted me via email that my package was held and that they (customs) needed some additional document from me and that am to contact the express mail service provider for more info.

I called up the Express mail services to ask about my package and was told that customs need a declaration letter from our so-called Minister of Domestic Trade  co-operative and Consumerism (MDTCC) or (KPDNKK) Kementerian Perdagangan dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Keperggunaan. Because of a silly stupid ruling by our Government, that all toys need to undergo chemical testing and approved by the MDTCC / KPDNKK before being allowed in the country for sale. Mind you that what i purchase is for my own use and is consider collectibles. 

Next i called up MDTCC and tell them what happen and ask the procedure to obtain the letter of release. Was told to go to the website and download a form, fill it up and sent it back to them and they will prepare a letter of release for me to forward to the Express maill service provided to be sent to customs for release of my item. Not only that ,the customs also imposed a 10% Duty TAX! on the item, argghhhhhh!!! .

Very close call as the Express mail service provider can't hold on to my item any longer (been 1 month un-claim), i had to talk to the higher up to drag for 1 more day and then sent them the release letter from MDTCC which i constantly call them up to prepared. Finally got my package on 2nd December afternoon and pay my duty tax and everything happily ever after... for now!

Reason for delay in detail :-
1. Express service provider posted the form / info to a wrong address which resulted in me not knowing what happen until my seller email me. (2 week delay).

2. Made a call to MDTCC after calling and getting my shipping detail from my Express mail provider to ask the what need to be done next. Person in charge was ON-LEAVE (Hari raya Haji) (1 week delay)

3. Finally got hold of someone at MDTCC and got the info that i needed. Took few days to fill in all the form etc and return back to MDTCC  with haste and call them up to confirm receipt. (2-3day)

4. After 2-3 days and till no news, i call MDTCC again to ask about my letter, person there says its done but don't know where is it and need to redo, they ask me to sent again those form n document! Kanasai! (3 days delay)

5. Mail service provided called up and says package been hold up far too long and will be ship back to sender, i ask to hold on for 1 more day as the letter is being prepared and ready by next day. Next day letter from MDTCC done, sign and in hands.

Package finally in hands and was glad all are untempered with but i had to made sure and opened them all up. Yes, all is fine and accounted for, hope there a lesson to be learn here and that in the future, we all know what to expect and how to go about it. CHeers.

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