Saturday, October 9, 2010


Newest release from the Color Shifter series featuring Tumbler (Batmobile) from Batman The Dark Knight. Really didn't expect the series to release this but nevertheless its great seeing it in the series. It easy to spot this as the bottom left corner of the card have a BATMAN picture on it, so if you search on the bottom side, you know what to look for if searching for this piece.

The dilemma i have is that Hot Wheels didn't use the word "TUMBLER" but "Batmobile" to describe this casting whereas other series has been using "Tumbler". Also the design / color changes use is exactly shown in the movie. Camouflage version to Black version.

This is the Camouflage version

This is the Batmobile version

No extra to open up and see the actual color changing for now, until then enjoy..

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