Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Haul of the week (Sept 2010)

2 package arrived today and this is what i got below. Been waiting for it to came for so long.

Yup, you saw it, new Monster Jam DUO, K-Mart mail-in promo, Ultra Hots and a MOONEYE DD. Best haul ever, now i need to get some sleep.. cheers.


Anonymous said...

Found a rare Duo myself. It's a Bone shaker Duo. Have never seen anything like it. Looking for advise.
It has the Boneshaker Monster truck, as it's supposed to, but the car isn't bone shaker. I looked it up, and it's a Tract T Wayne's Bodyshop #2 of 4, distributed in the year 2000.
I found this on 9-29-10... that's a 10 year manufacturer's error right? What does that mean? I just started collecting.

Marcollections said...

I think you got ripped off bro,
Someone might have done the switching and re-seal it back. post pics if you are able to thanks