Saturday, September 25, 2010

Haul of the week (Sept 2010)

Some new arrival this week, have been waiting for this shipment for 2 months already, somehow it have manage to arrive safely. Monster Jam Duo pack which is not available locally at this time. Its a great set to collect, 1/64 basic car have been made with tempo from the monster jam series. Some notable casting included Dairy Delivery, Batmobile, Purple Passion, Boneshakers, Anglia Panels and lots more.

Also newly purchase this week is the 1/50 scale Hot Wheels Batman series 3 which include the following pic shown below. Simply loving them all. The 66' Batmobile can attached the 66' Batboat at its rear. Also newly release is the Penguin Batmobile with orange umbrella in it. Overall a great set to have, previously posted the Batwing some time back. Now i got the boat, bike and mobile to go along it. Cheers.

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