Sunday, September 19, 2010

Larry's Boneshaker

LARRY GARAGE new releases in its latest case assortment is the BONESHAKER in ORANGE. I must say that this is beautifully done, the orange body with orange rims. Perfect for the coming HALLOWEEN seasons. Getting 1 is not enough, 3 pcs is ideal.

Sporting a orange body with black base, gotta love the orange rims which goes very well with the orange body. Same thing like the old 5.5 super treasure hunts which have the same red body and rims goes together.

Well another feature is that the flame on the side, if you look carefully will see skull on it. (Sorry, my camera just can't capture those) Overall Boneshaker in Larry line-up, this is the one that caught my attentions the most. Well done Hot wheels crew.

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