Friday, September 24, 2010

Haul of the week (Sept 2010)

Haul of the week during lunch time at MV, didn't really expecting to find anything just casual browsing around as usual when i saw something unusual. First that caught me was the SPEED MACHINE Lamborghini Countach that i hear so much of. Then only saw some new basic car wave, don't know what wave is this actually as got some interesting casting.

Some of the new wave basic set i got are from the BEACH RACE WORLD series and the 2010 Camaro SS from the Hot Auction series which spot a Completely difference tempo from the 1st release which is red with white stripe.

Finally the 3rd Lamborghini casting to appear in Speed Machine is Countach after Reventon and Gallardo. Since both Reventon and Gallardo has came out with 2nd color variation, am thinking maybe Countach will be out with 2nd color too, only time will tell since its end of the year soon.


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