Saturday, September 18, 2010

Haul of the week (Sept 2010)

Finally the SLICK RIDES's DELIVERY Case Q assortment has arrived. This is said to be the best case assortment for this series and why, well let's the pics tell you as they say "A picture tells a thousand words"

12 cars in a box, do u see what i see? Yes, there DD in them and its the 2nd color variation. The black DD made its 1st appearance in this Case Q assortment. Below is the line-up of cars in this case.

8 CRATE (2nd color) 1x
DOUBLE DEMON (2nd color) 1x
DECO DELIVERY (2nd color) 1x
CUSTOM CONVOY (2nd color) 1x
DAIRY DELIVERY (2nd color) 2x
FORD RANCHERO (2nd color) 1x
FORD PICKUP (2nd color) 1x

New Casting and 1st Appearance
64 GMC PANEL (1st color) 1x
66 DODGE A100 (1st color) 1x
49 FORD COE (1st color) 1x


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