Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tomica / Takara Tomy - Disney motor

I don't usually buy TOMICA / Takara Tomy diecast because they are too plain with not much deco and also the price for them is a bit pricey as compare to others like HotWheels, Matchbox or Maisto. I think the good side is that they have very good detail and openable door, hood and others funtions on them.

Well today i stumble upon a great deal of Tomica Disney Motor. The DM (Disney Motor) from Tomica are casting with disney character on them and they look awesome. Usually the DM price is MYR$ 23.90 each, early this year departmental store have it for sale with 50% off and now they are going for 70%!

Can't resist them since now they price almost the same as Hot Wheels so i grab some of them, pics below..

Manage to grab some popular Disney's Character such as Mickey, Donald, Pooh, Tigger, Jack from nightmare b4 christmas, The Incredible and also Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. It is such as good buy. Hopefully there be more model to choose from elsewhere.


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